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I learned this in English class a couple days ago... Book Name(underlined) Author(last name first, if multiple list all) pgs, date published. for a website: Author(last name first), "Title of article", <website adress>

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How do you write book source cards?

I don't know I looked up the same question and couldn't find anything

Different types of source documents?

debit cards, credit cards , receipt,cash book, voucher

How to write an annotated bibliography?

You write the name of the source first, then put the link or full book reference if it's not there. After that, you write a brief summary of what the source is about.

What is the definition of source cards?

Cards with a source?

How do you add new cards?

read a full book and then write it and then click ok

Do source cards and note cards contain the same kinds of information?

Do source cards and note cards have the same kind of information

Did Herodotus write the Book of the Dead?

no, he did not write the "the book of the dead" he wrote the History of the Persian glad i could helpmy source:learned about it in school, it was a school question

What does it mean if there are no cards about a book in the card catalog?

If there are no cards about a book in a card catalog, it means that the book is not available in that particular library.

How do you get The 39 Clues book 10 cards?

You need to get replicate cards or buy the book to get the code.

How do you write source cards for a research paper?

Internet Source Cards 1. Author 2. Title 3. Date Published 4. Name of Website (Just the website. Example - or - without [www.]) 5. Web. (Yes, just write web with a period after.) 6. URL 7. Date Acquired For questions just comment and I'll find the info for you. (: Thanks!

What do you call a book where we can write?

A notebook is a book where we can write.

Are there Percy Jackson trading cards?

Yes there are trading cards! These cards come with a special book that contains most of the characters from the series. You can probably get this book at Walmart.

How do you get the moshi cards in order if you don't have a moshi book?

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What has the author John H De Wild written?

John H. De Wild has written: 'How to write show cards' -- subject(s): Accessible book, Advertising, Advertising cards, Lettering, Show-windows

What is a cited source?

When you write a research paper, each piece of research you use (i.e. a book, a database) is a source. It becomes a cited source when you state it in your paper.You will need to cite a source in academic writing using any of the many styles such as MLA, or APA.

Can you buy Naruto cards on eBay?

Yes. eBay is a source that many collector's use to get cards.

How do you write a book on sims 3?

You can get on the computer and it will have it option to write..... then click write a book

Can a kid write a book?

yes a kid can write a book

What were the Significances of punching cards in computers?

Punch cards were used by computer programmers back when computers used punch cards. The cards were used to tell the computer what to do. Programmers had a machine that they used to write computer programs and it would punch the holes in the cards. It took a lot of cards just to write on program.

What is a book review?

A BOOK REVIEW is when u write a plot, remendation and u write about the book

Is a book a good example of a primary information resource?

Generally speaking, a book is a secondary source of information. However for a literary paper, the book is the primary source, and a book commentary or review is a secondary source.

Why did Samuel write the book of Ruth?

Samuel did not write the book of Ruth.

Did jonathon ross write a book?

yes he did write a book in fact

Do I write The Johnson's or The Johnsons on my Christmas cards?

Just write The Johnsons

How do you write bibiliograpgy cards?

i have no idear lol