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Volume is measured in cubic units

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What is metric unit of measurement for volume?

The unit of measurement for volume is cubic unit. For liquids, it is liters

Is pint a unit of measurement of length?

No - It is a unit of measurement of liquid quantity or volume

What unit of measurement would you use for destiny?

the unit of measurement for destiny

A metric unit of measurement for volume?

The standard unit of volume in the metric system is the liter.

What tells you how to change a measurement from meters to mL?

Not possible to change from a length measurement (meter) to a volume measurement (ml).

Is liter a metric unit of measurement for volume?

Yes - the litre is a measurement of volume in the metric system.

Are grams and pints the same?

no, grams are a measurement unit of weight and pints are a measurement unit of volume

Which si unit can be used to descibe the measurement of volume?

the litre is the standard si unit for volume.

What is a hectoliter?

A hectoliter is a unit of measurement. This particular unit of measurement is used for the volume of liquids on a large scale.

What is cc in medical measurement?

The volume measurement unit cc (cubic centimeter) is usually replaced by the liquid volume measure unit ml(milliliter).

Is volume cubic feet?

Cubic feet is one unit of measurement of volume, though any cubic unit of measurement (cubic centimeters, cubic yards, ect.) is representative of a volume.

SI unit is used to measure volume?

SI unit for volume measurement is cubic meter (m3)

List a metric unit for each measurement length volume weight and density?

List a metric unit for each measurement: lenght, volume, weight, and density,

What unit of measurement does a graduated cylinder use?

The unit of measurement that a graduated cylinder uses is the volume/mass of water.

What are fluid ounces?

It is the English unit of measurement of volume

What is the measurement of volumn?

The SI unit for volume is m3.

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