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Read and comprehend the poem or article. Then write as if you would want to tell the story or the poem to someone else- you wouldn't retell it by saying those exact words and sentences. This is how you write your own words.

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Q: How do you write your own words?
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How do you write a webpage on paper?

Write it in your own words on paper or print it

Write down few lines on an astronaut in your own words?

"In Your Own Words" says it all.If we write down a few lines for you to copy, it will not BE your own words. Click on the related questions for help doing this assignment.

What happens to Bella in Eclipse and Breaking Dawn Please be specific and write in your own words?

In your own words? from wikipedia

In your own words what does team means to you?

You know, those words ... theIN YOUR OWN WORDSpart of that question ... means you have to write it

Write a paragraph of 10 lines about pirate treasure in your Own Words?

If it is in Your Own Word, then you cannot ask us to write it for you, can you?

How do you write the Declaration of Independence in your own words?

Basically just write it the way you write today and explain it.

How can you write deposition in your own words?

to drop things off

How can you write in your own words?

just write what you think of, if it is word for word from a book or the intyernet then it isn't in your words but if you read it, understand it then write what you took it to mean its in your words!!

How do you write things in your own words?

I don't write anything using my own words. Instead, I picture a friend sitting in front of me. Under my breath I explain what I am supposed to do to my friend. I write that down. I turn in my explanation to my friend.

How do you write a definition of rounding in your own words?

It is suppose to be in one direction

Describe the process of factoring in your own words You can either write a paragraph describing the process or you can list a set of steps to follow?

I'm not sure how we could help you write something in your own words.

How will you describe the sequwnce of oxygen carbon dioxide and blood flow in your own words?

The term "IN YOUR OWN WORDS" means that your teacher wants YOU to write the answer.

What does it mean to 'write it down in your own words'?

Writing something "in your own words" means not copying what somebody else has written, but thinking of how you would explain the information. The way to write in a natural style - "in your own words" - is to pretend that you are telling whatever information you have to convey to a friend instead of writing it down. Don't think about writing, just talk to someone - then, write down the way you said it out loud, and it will be in your own words.

How to write basking in our own words in a sentence?

Julie was basking in the praise from her teacher.

It is important to write in your own words?

Yes, or else it is called plagiarism, which is illegal.

How do you write your own epitaph?

take a piece of paper and write some words down and most important leave it in your will

How do you write a project on conservation of plants and animals?

You research the subject, think about what you have learned and write it up in your own words.

How many words can a pencil write?

It depends. If you write short words (like 'if' and 'it') you can write approximately 56,832,436 words. If you write long words (like 'Constantinople' and 'Timbuktu') it is significantly less; approximately only 8,118,919.429 words. Mechanical pencils can replace their own lead and write as many words as you know. Also, pencils can write more foreign words than English words because of the way they are pronounced.

Does Jojo write her own songs?

JoJo does write some of her own songs. However, she does not write them all. Many singers hire professional lyricists to help them come up with words for their songs.

Why you want to get Scholarship to the university explain in 500 words?

The university wants this essay in your own thoughts and words.

How do you retell a story in a letter?

you write it the same the olny diffrence is to wite it in your own words

How would you write a short poem for a girl?

Use your own feelings with rhyming words.

How do you right a sa?

its "essay" and you have to collect info on whatever the topic is and write it in your own words.

Where can you write your own lyrics?

I will write in my own situational

Rewriting in your own words means?

If a teachers asks a student to rewrite something in their own words, it means to not plagiarize. This means a person must use different words to write what has already been written.