How do you you shift a 9-speed eaton?

The 9 speed shift pattern is the same start as a regular 5 speed having reverse at the top left. The upper and lower range of the transmission is chosen by means of a lever switch, choosing first the low range, (lever down for 1st thru 5th gears) ...then the upper range. (Lever up for 6th thru 9th) 1st gear is left and down, and progressing to the regular H shift pattern for 2nd 3rd 4th and 5th. The air splitter lever is then flipped up (high range), and the H shift pattern is repeated for 6th thru 9th gears. The upper transmission range is never used for reverse.

R 2nd / 6th 4th/ 8th

1 3rd / 7th 5th/ 9th

First gear is such a low gear it is usually only used when pulling a loaded trailer. or have a low powered truck.