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How do you you take off crankshaft pulley on a 1995 BMW 740i with basic tools. Does anything have to be lined up like the OT etc.. or can it just be taken off and put back onneedtoextractbrkscrewWP?


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1) Remove the splash shield

2) Remove the belts and note belt directions

3) Remove the eight bolts holding crank pulley and drive pulley.

4) Remove Vibration dampener

5) Mark which side came off facing outward (radiator side) along the inside of the dampener. DO NOT MARK OR PIT THE TEETH.


1) With marked side facing outward, located alignment dowel and reinstall.

2) Reinstall bolts and tighten to 34Nm

3) Replacement of belts is recommended (best price found online at summit racing)

4) Reinstall splash shield and you are done