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How do youlose leg fat?

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You cannot spot train. Which means, you cannot lose only leg fat or only stomach fat. As you lose weight, your entire body sheds "sheets" of fat all over your body. Usually the biggest portion of fat in one area will get the most improvements. Working out your legs constantly will cause your legs to gain muscle, but does not mean you'll lose only fat in your legs.

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Will running give you leg fat?

No, it decreases leg fat. It might make legs more muscular.

How do I get rid of leg fat?

One way to get rid of leg fat is to run, walk, and jump rope.

What food makes your leg fat?

Food that contains 10%+ fat.

Can you lose leg fat by riding a horse?

Yes! riding is really hard work, and if you do it enough, u could lose leg fat.

How do you lose leg fat by swimming?

You can lose leg fat by swimming because the resistance of the water causes you to burn fat in your legs. Swimming is a good way to develop muscle and lose weight.

Are there any exercise I can do to lose the fat in my leg?

It's difficult to lose fat in targeted areas. One way to increase fat loss in your legs is to perform weight-bearing exercises. This will decrease the fat in your legs while increasing muscle. Leg lifts, squats, pushes and pulls are all good leg exercises to increase muscle and burn fat.

What are jumping Jacks for?

jumping jacks are for losing your belly, arm fat, leg fat. !! -]

Why do you call a hamster a fat leg?

um... i dont call hamsters 'fat legs' sorry

Do leg raises help you lose fat?

no but it does build muscle

Is walking good to lose leg fat?

yes it dose and it strengthens your leg muscles so dose jogging.

How do you lose leg fat in 20 minutes?

You cannot lose leg fat in 20 minutes by any natural means. To do it in such a short time would require some surgical intervention.

How many grams of fat are in a chicken thigh?

Five grams of saturated fat in a chicken leg (thigh plus drumstick), 19 grams total fat.

Does running help lose leg fat?

no, you cant spot reduce!! but it will help you to lose fat all over your body

Does snakes have leg?

Yes. They have 6 legs but you cannot see them because they are hidden under a skin of fat. Sometimes their penis gets mistaken for a seventh leg but it is not a leg, it is a male genital.

What muscle burns the most fat?

Muscles in you leg area burns the most!

What is the best exercise to lose belly and leg fat?

Here is a short on how to lose weight will this exercise here is a free YouTube video on how to do that h ttps:// oke .io/gt2VdnVO

What exercises could you do to lose leg fat?

Well, running, doing sports, basically anything that you move your legs a lot in. BUT the cause for leg fat is too much salt. If you eat a lot of salty foods, cut that in half.

A person's leg meas-ures 42 cm an average leg diameter 13cm and a potential difference of 0.70 V causes a current of 1.7 mA . What are the fractions of muscle and fat in the leg?

Well, in order to get a better estimate, we would need to know the sex of the person and their BMI. It is crucial for trying to figure out the ratio of muscle and fat in the leg.

Why did Henry VIII get fat?

he had a jousting accident and damaged his leg so he could not excercise

How do you burn fat on your calf leg?

go for a run stop eating bad foods

How do you get rid of leg fat?

first thing to get rid of leg fat is to walk, jog, sprint, or even go bike riding. this works out your muscles really good in your legs. if your legs start to hurt or feel weird when you're running, that means that you're gaining muscle in your legs. don't stop running! you could also do stretches. that helps loosen up your muscles. but if you really want to get rid of it faster, then excercise your legs every day. it's not easy to get rid of leg fat, so even if it does take you a few months to lose 5 pound of leg fat, DON'T GIVE UP! I've already lost 10 pounds of leg fat in just 1.5 months...so DON'T GIVE UP!

If your stomach is fat and your legs are skinny what can you do to balance the shape of your body?

get on a good diet and do sit-ups daily and do leg squats to build up your leg muscles.

What's a good exercise to get rid of the fat on the back of the thighs?

Lunges and the leg curl at the gym, the leg curl is hard to do but it wworks as it concerntrates on the muscles in the back of you leg and that includes the back of the thighs if you do the exercise correctly that is.

What area of the body takes in the most risky distribution of body fat?

your higher leg (thigh) take the most risky distribution of body fat

How do you get thicker?

The answer is not to stuff yourself with food, its to do leg exercises. I know what your thinking, if i exercise then i will lose more weight. But that's not true at all. If you try to stuff yourself then you will get fat in all the places that you didn't intend to get fat. Leg exercises will give you muscle.

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