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See I used to bite my nails uncontrolably and it was so hard for me to stop. But then one day i was putting nail polish on my nails and i messed up so I put some nail polish remover on my nails and then i went over to bite them and i really couldn't the nail polish remover tasted the worst i hated it so now my nails are nice and long.

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How can you keep fake nails on longer?

When washing dishes/ cleaning wear rubber gloves

Will your 10 foot width wall unit fit in your 11 foot width room?

Not if the wall is longer than the maximum dimension of the roomNot if the wall is longer than the maximum dimension of the roomNot if the wall is longer than the maximum dimension of the roomNot if the wall is longer than the maximum dimension of the room

What is the difference between outfield gloves and infield gloves?

Outfielder's gloves generally are a little bit longer and have deeper pockets for snagging those fly balls. Infielder's gloves typically are a little wider for snaring ground balls.

What does gloves come off mean in politics?

To no longer be nice or respectful.

How do you get longer and stronger nails?

For longer nails, just don't cut your nails. Let them grow out. Be patient! For stronger nails, they have a clear nailpolish. You put it on your nails to keep them strong. It works very good. You could also apply a nail strengthener or hardener. And when you do the dishes or use cleaning matirials wear cloves to protect your nails. Another thing you could do is eat a balanced diet with lots of protein and calcium in it and avoid junk food and fatty, oily foods.

What is the best conditioner for baseball gloves?

A good conditioner will help in sealing in the gloves moisture and keeps the glove in better condition longer. As opposed to oils that breakdown the leather and destroy it. A great conditioner is silicon and Aloe Vera locks in the gloves natural oils making playable longer.

Can different dishes be baked at the same time?

Yes they can. However if you put too many dishes in one oven they will take longer to bake as the heat is being dispersed over the other dishes as well. You will just have to make sure to watch your food.

Are deer gloves better than lamb?

Yes, they offer better water protection and last longer.

Can you freeze red pepper dishes?

yes you can but you will have to cook it for 10 minutes longer than you cooked it for in the first place!

Why must athletes exercise longer and harder to achieve a maximum heart rate?

=== ===

Is the hotter a radiating body is the longer the wavelengths of maximum radiation it will produce?


What is the maximum time a tourniquet should be left on?

no longer than one minute

Which white gloves are best for wedding dresses?

Satin or lace white gloves are the best type to be worn with wedding dresses. Wearing gloves helps make your entire ensemble look more formal. The length of the glove depends on the style of the dress. The shorter the sleeve on the dress, the longer the glove.

How long does one need to soak dishes before putting them in the dishwasher?

If one is going to soak dishes before putting them in the dishwasher, the soaking time will be influenced by what type of food or stains are on the dishes. If the dishes were in contact with any food that was acidic or highly pigmented, such as tomato sauce, they may benefit from a longer soak, especially if the dishwasher is not going to be run right away.

Name something specific that takes longer to dry than wash?

hair, towels, jeans, dog, dishes, blankets, car

How old do dogs normally live for?

That depends on the dog- Small dogs live longer than big dogs! Big Dogs: Maximum 12 Small Dogs: Maximum 15 (St.Bernhard is maximum 10)

What are the examples of time series work?

Maximum daytime temperatures over a period of a year, or longer.

What happend if the UTP cables exceed the maximum distance?

If you exceed the maximum distance of any cable, the resulting transmissions will be subject to attenuation. The longer the distance, the weaker the signal becomes, until it becomes weak enough to be considered noise, and no longer considered data.

The speed when falling objects no longer accelerates due to air resistance is?

The speed when falling objects no longer accelerates due to air resistance is the maximum falling velocity.

Do you have to put on french polish before nail varnish?

Nail varnish is the coloured polish, and that goes on first. The french polish is just a see-through layer that is a strengthener/hardener to make the coloured varnish last longer and that goes on top after you have applied 1 to 2 coats of the coloured nail polish.

What is the maximun legal golf club length?

The maximum length is 48 inches, but a putter may be longer.

Is a seaanemone big or small?

Its as big as a 15cm ruler with maximum girth of a diameter of a mug. It can grow longer.

How do you cook two dishes in the oven that call for different temperatures?

When faced with this dilemma, you can do two things. One is to have one of the higher timed dishes bake first, then when it is done, you switch with the other one. The second is to meet a common temperature that both dishes can agree on, and then adjust the timing accordingly for the dishes (if the temp for one needs to be higher, then extend the time longer). Do the second method at your own risk, because it may result in undercooked food.

Can you type with boxing gloves on?

If you tried, the effect might be similar to that of a baby playing with a keyboard, or a cat walking on a keyboard. -If you wanted to and you tried hard enough, probably you could. It is really hard but it can be done. It will take 10 times longer, but if you find yourself superglued to some boxing gloves and need to type something urgently (such as to someone to find out how you can get the gloves off) then it is possible.

What is the maximum length of cat 5 cable?

Roughly about 325 feet or 100 meters. That is the suggested maximum length. Some installations have achieved longer. The longer it is, the less reliable it is (ie packet delivery problems). You could throw a switch in the middle to achieve 600 feet if needed.