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Here is a link to an's autoCare article which should be helpful.

This is a very easy repair. Most anyone can do it.

As always, unhook the negative cable from your battery.

Then drain some of the coolant from your radiator. Tighten the draincock after you do. Turn that coolant in for recycling.

Follow the upper radiator hose to the engine. The thing it's hooked to is the housing for the thermostat. It's in three pieces; the thermostat is in the outermost one. Remove this piece. Look at how the thermostat is oriented in the housing, because it goes back the same way as it came out, and then remove the thermostat.

When you buy your thermostat, always get a new gasket. You put the gasket on the thermostat, put the thermostat in the housing, and put the housing back on the engine. Torque it to 7 lb-ft and you're almost done.

Next, use a 12mm deep well socket to loosen the bleeder bolt. This is on top of the thermostat housing, between the coolant temperature sender (for the gauge) and the thermowax sensor (for the fuel injection system). It looks like a silver bolt with a nipple sticking up out the middle of it, and it's the only thing on there that doesn't have wires coming out of it. Anyway, loosen this up about a half-turn or so. Open the radiator cap and start pouring either "all makes all models" antifreeze, or "Honda Genuine" antifreeze, into the radiator until some comes out of the bleeder bolt. Close the bleeder bolt, put the radiator cap back on, hook the battery back up, and you're done.

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Q: How do your replace the thermostat in an 89 Honda Accord LXi?
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Shoot me an e-mail and I can send you a PDF of how to do this.

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check your main relay and connections

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I am trying to find out the same thing myself. A couple of people have told me from $200-$300.

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1988 accord will not go into 5 gear

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