How do yousnd paint off a door?

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Need to know the reason. Sanding it off is easy, but prepping for paint takes experience assuming it's on a car. If not, need to know substrait. If you have overspray or paint over your present paint (on a car) abd it's light, try to buff it out with wax and a pad on a drill.

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Q: How do yousnd paint off a door?
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What to do with a painted outside door that is peeling?

scrape the peely paint off and then re-paint it

How do you get spray paint off of a garage door?

Use the thinner of that spray with a rag.

What kind of paint do you use to paint an aluminium screen door?

Use Tremclad spray, mask off the window part.

What does chiped mean?

it means that something was broken off a lil bit or like a door with paint chipping - the doors paint is coming off in lil peices an ect.

How do you paint a steel door?

How do you paint a pre primed steel door?

How do you get silly string off a garage door without taking the paint off?

Just hose it down and it should come off.

How do you prepare a door for painting?

If you can take the hardware off the door and the door right off the frame. If you can't then use masking tape and tape all the hardware. Door knobs can be taken right off (2 screws on each side.) If there is existing paint on the door and it looks OK and is the same type of paint you are planning on using (oil on oil or latex on latex ... water based paint) then you don't need to sand. If the door is in bad shape with a few little holes, heavy scratches, etc., then it's best to give the door a good sanding first and then be sure you wash off the dust with soapy water and it's dry if you are using oil based paint (you don't have to worry about the door being damp if you are using latex paint.) Marcy

Is scraping paint of a door a chemical change?

no. in order for a chemical change to take place the chemical make up of the paint would need to change, such as a color change. when you peel paint off a door you arent changing its chemical state.

How much paint does it take to paint a door?


How much would you charge to paint an interior door?

I will paint in any color,and I would also paint anything on the door for about $50

How do you paint a wooden door?

Well you get your brush you dip it in the paint and then you stroke up and down with the brush on the door!

Sentences for the word hinges?

Before I could sand and paint the door, I had to take it off its hinges. ---------------------------- The decision to repaint the house hinges on whether the paint we want is on special. ----------------------------

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