Beka Lamb

How do youycie died in Beka Lamb?

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Who was beka in Beka Lamb?

Beka Lamb is Bill Lam and Lilla Lamb daughter.

How many persons died in Beka Lamb by zee edgell?

two people died in Beka Lamb great granny straker and Toyice Quilio.

Who is Lilla lamb in the book of Beka Lamb?

Lilla Lamb is the mother of Beka, Chucku and Zandy and the wife of Bill Lamb in the book of Beka Lamb.

When was Beka Lamb created?

Beka Lamb was created in 1982.

What is Beka Lamb about?

Beka Lamb is the debut novel Belizean author

Who is the protagonist in Beka Lamb?

Beka Lamb is the main character in that novel.

How many pages does Beka Lamb have?

Beka Lamb has 172 pages.

Who is bill lamb in Beka Lamb?

Bill Lamb is considered to be Beka's Father and Lilla Lamb's husband in the novel, Beka Lamb. He has good intentions but could be seen as harsh as he calls Beka words like fake and phony.

Beka Lamb Chapter 1?

In the first chapter of Beka Lamb, we learn about Beka's family, how they act, and how they live in poverty.

Who is the author of Beka Lamb?

The writer of the novel "Beka Lamb" is Zee Edgell.

Who are the main characters in Beka Lamb?

The main characters of Beka Lamb is Beka herself and her best friend Toycie.

Is there a movie based on the novel Beka Lamb?

i think there is not a movie for the novel beka lamb

Chapter 12 in Beka Lamb?

list 3 character in beka lamb chapter12

What is chapetr one about in beka lamb?

beka lamb wining an easy compitision at her school.

Who was bill lamb in the novel Beka Lamb?

Bill Lamb is the father of Beka Lamb in the novel. He is basiccally the breadwinner of the family with an extreme temper.

What happen in chapter 2 of Beka Lamb?

Beka lamb dream about a elderly man on the bridge

How is the theme of friendship portrayed in Beka Lamb?

Toycie and beka beka and her grandmother.

Description of Beka Lamb characters?

Lilla Lamb Beka Lamb Bill Lamb Chuku and Zandy grandmother, Miss Ivy Toycie Qualo

Who are the major characters in Beka Lamb by zee edgell?

The main characters in the novel Beka Lamb by Zee Edgell are Beka Lamb, Toycie Qualo, Emilio Villanueva. The book has 25 chapters.

Who died in Beka Lamb?

Beka Lamb was written by Zee Edgell and was published in 1982. The main character's best friend Toycie Qualo dies at the age of 17 from complications due to a miscarriage.

Who is Beka Lamb?

she is the daughter of bill and lilla lamb

The climax of the novel Beka Lamb?

is when beka dies during the hurricane

How old was beka?

In the novel "Beka Lamb" by Zee Edgell, the main character (Beka) is 14 years old. "Beka Lamb" was published in 1982 and deals with themes of racial prejudice and social insecurity.

How old was Beka Lamb an Toyicie in the beginning of the novel?

Beka Lamb was fourteen years old and Toycie Qualo was seventeen

Why was Beka suspended from school-Beka Lamb?

In the book Beka Lamb by Zee Edgell, the main character Beka attends a Catholic school. Beka is suspended because she refuses to answer the priest when asked whether or not she believed in heaven and hell.

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