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they hook on boats and drop off to different places. for example a boat go's to a dock and parks, there was a zebra mussel hooked to the boat. then the zebra mussel drops down to the the bottom of the lake and finds a mate, and that is how they spread

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You disrupt their reproductive process. you wash your boats with hot water. you put up signs telling boaters how to prevent zebra mussels so they don't spread farther.

zebra mussels are being controlled my nets

It will send zebra mussels into fatal shock

Zebra mussels belong to the family Dreissenidae. These are freshwater bivalve mollusks. Despite their name, zebra mussels are not true mussels.

nothing is good about zebra muccels

through ballast water and it spread out more because of recreational activities.

The zebra mussels are being controlled by putting chemicals into the pipes to kill the zebra mussels

Zebra mussels move by squirting water through their siphon. It's a form of jet propulsion. They are also transported by clinging to boats. Zebra mussels are very invasive.

No, they aren't. Zebra mussels are mussels, which is a kind of bivalve mollusk. They call them that because of there pattern on the shell. Some don't have it, but most do.

The answer is not certain but Zebra Mussels have a very high carrying capacity. They can produce millions of offspring per year which is why they are an invasive species. Zebra Mussels also have very little predators.

Zebra mussels travel from one country to another by ship.

some people control zebra mussels by eating them or fishing with nets or even go under water themselves and pull out the zebra mussels to stop them from over populating and clogging up things.

Zebra mussles improve water clarity.

Zebra mussels got to Canada from ballast water dumped by large ocean-going vessels from Europe.

the zebra mussel was introduced in 1988 in a lake in onario.

their not their super soft

Zebra mussels are invasive species in North America, Spain, Italy, Sweden, and Ireland. It was first found in Russia.

You can prevent the spread of zebra mussels to other waters by checking your boat and trailer. Any water in the bilges or live wells should be drained before leaving the lake. Mud attached to anchors or ropes should be removed, as should any vegetation on boats or trailers.

certain fish can only eat the zebra mussel

Zebra mussels were originally native to the lakes southeast of Russia.

There are several biotic that are needed by zebra mussels. They need algae, bacteria, mold, and other small animals that they can eat.

cleaning the boat before leaving the boat launching area

A Zebra Mussel is a mollusk that can have a shell with stripes that resemble a zebra. Zebra Mussel's do mostly eat algae.

fish, birds and humans

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