How do zombies kill?


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Zombies kill by infecting their "meal" with there zombie carring pathogen found in the blood, saliva, or other bodily fluids.


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A headshot can kill zombies faster.

No. Humans do not like to kill zombies but zombies always bother humans. Humans do have to kill zombies to protect themselves and others.

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The zombies are really bad. They will do anything to try to eat your brains! To protect them, you have to kill them.

you can not die if you kill zombies

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First of all. Zombies arent real..

Humans VS Zombies. Which one will win the fight? A tip about humans fight against zombies and see who will win this fight. Zombies attack by biting with their sharp teeth or scratch only but humans are better. Zombies are pretty strong and they can kill by biting and scratching but humans can run much more faster and break the zombies neck to kill them. Humans are much more stronger and smarter than zombies are. Humans can do a mega punch or a mega kick to the zombies. The zombies tried to kill humans with it's super sharp teeth but inside the human brains has way much more memories than zombie brains because humans studied alot and they can find out how to kill zombies much faster. Zombies can kill humans but humans can make their head fly. I think I will go for the humans because humans are better. Zombies came from their graves at the Cemetery but brave humans are not scared of zombies. Brave humans would rather kill zombies if they see them. Humans are extremely intellegent than zombies because humans are mammals but zombies are creatures that rise from the Graveyard. Humans can take the MG42 to kill zombies. The MG42 is the fastest machinegun in the World, it can kill over 1000 zombies per minute. The MG42 is extremely powerful and can kill zombies in one hit. Humans are stronger than zombies because they eat lots of healthy foods, get plenty of rest and exercise alot. Zombies normally love to kill all kinds of humans but humans don't like to kill zombies but they have to. The only reason why human kill zombies because they need to protect the World. I garunteed that humans will win this fight. Humans can kill zombies instantly by doing a mega kick right in the zombies head(super hard kick). I'm basically not stupid enough to be on the side of the zombies, I'm on the side of humans. Zombies has two attacks in order to kill humans but humans got plenty of attacks to kill zombies. Humans can learn karate and learn how to dodge. Zombies are not trained how to fight but humans are taught how to fight with enemies like zombies. Zombies are the enemies of humans. Humans do have enemies. Humans can kill zombies by doing any awesome karate moves. So the humans are winner.

The best place to kill zombies is at the armor zombie place. IT is where everyone get 99 str.

Just die and do not kill any zombies.

Zombies do not exist. However, if they did, they are already dead. You can only kill a human once, they remain dead forever.

There are far too many movies to list in which they kill zombies. Please resubmit the question with more information as to which movie you are searching for.

You should shoot them on thier head or go to youtube andtype how to kill zombies in blacks ops ii

To kill zombies, just break their neck or you can grab weapons like a shotgun, a sniper rifle, assault rifle, a machine gun and a sword or it can be a knife. Remember. To kill zombies, break their neck or blast their head off with your weapons.

Chose any guns but as long as you aim for the zombies head. As you can see gun bullets are so strong and can fly so fast it can really kill zombies much faster.

Yes, he have a handgun. Leon Scott Kennedy have a handgun to kill zombies by shooting them right in the head.

Kill all the zombies in each stage and beat the final boss

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