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How does 50-50 custody work and where can you find information about this?


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Please go onto: TYPE IN: Laws of sharing child custody in the State of ________________. Marcy


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Personal information (such as name, address, information about family/children), financial information (work history, tax information), and supplementary documents need to be included with a Child Custody form. It should be noted that documentation will vary by country and state.

Yes, a parent who is unemployed can have custody.

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Talk to your mother about reopening the custody portion of their divorce case. Find out what the reasons she is sharing custody are - there may be aspects of the agreement that you are not aware of. Let her know your concerns about your schoolwork.If you want your mother to have full custody of you, you will need to discuss it with your parents, a lawyer and a judge. If your dad is forcing you to do sports instead of school work and your grades are dropping, the custody may be adjusted.

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