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It turns out that Bilbo doesn't defend himself against Thorin's accusation; the dwarf would have hit Bilbo if it were not for Gandalf turning up at the time to stop anything happening to "the burglar." This led to Bilbo stating that dwarves are "better in word than in deed."

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What is the area of Romanèche-Thorins?

The area of Romanèche-Thorins is 9,760,000.0 square meters.

What is the name of thorins sword?

Orcrist, meaning "Goblin-cleaver"

What is the name of thorins' father?

Thorin's father was called Thrain.

What did Gandalf show the dwarfs that belonged to thorin's grandfather?

He showed them that thorins grandfather had a pairof earings

Why were the goblins upset when they saw Thorins sword?

They were so upset at seeing Thorin's sword because long ago that sword had killed the Goblin King.

What is thorins weapon called in The Hobbit that they find in the trolls's hoard?

The sword Thorin took was called Orcrist or "goblin cleaver". The orcs called it "Biter".

What stops thorins advance?

Thorin's advance is stopped a few obstacles. Bolg's guardian stops it first, then the valley tries to widen and surround them, and finally, there is an army of wargs and orcs that come to stop the advance.

What did bard ask of thorin and what was thorins response?

Bard asked for recompense to esgaroth for the destruction caused by the dragon, and thorin refused to hand anything over while the elfkings army camped before the mountain.

Do any members of Thorins company survive the Lord of the Rings?

It is possible that they do, though they are getting very old at that point and do not appear in the movie or book, other than in some of the appendices. Three of them (Thorin, Fili and Kili) do not survive the events in The Hobbit. And we know that Balin, Dwalin, Ori and Oin died in Moria before the events of The Lord of the Rings gets started. Gloin, father of Gimli, was alive for about 15 years after the LotR. Of the others Bombur is known to have been living at the start of the LotR. Otherwise, nothing is recorded by Tolkien.

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