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He does not. A battle starts before Bilbo can give an explanation. At the end of the battle, a mortally wounded Thorin makes his peace with Bilbo because he does not want to hate him. He dies after forgiving Bilbo

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How does Bilbo defend himself against thorin's accusation that he has stolen the arkenstone?

It turns out that Bilbo doesn't defend himself against Thorin's accusation; the dwarf would have hit Bilbo if it were not for Gandalf turning up at the time to stop anything happening to "the burglar." This led to Bilbo stating that dwarves are "better in word than in deed."

How does Bilbo defend himself when Thorin accuses him of stealing the Arkenstone?

Bilbo claimed that under the terms of the contract he was due a proportion of the dragon's treasure, and that he had taken the Arkenstone as his share.

How to defend a false accusation of nursing home abuse?

say nice things and they will be like what

What does apologetic mean?

Apologetics means to defend something by use of intelligent argument. The Bible uses this word when it talks about when someone had an accusation against them (like court) the person had to defend himself by using intelligent arguments. So, apologetics has to do with defending the beliefs a person has.

What tactics does Jamison use to defend Kira In Gathering Blue?

Jamison repeats every accusation Vandara made against Kira. After each accusation he says, but there are exceptions.

In civil cases what is the person being sued called?

Defendant. He has to defend him self against the plaintiff's accusation.

How does porcupine defend himself?

they defend him self by its torns by cammoflauge

How did Hitler defend himself?

Well, Hitler never necessarily needed to defend himself. Most of the time there was someone with him (army guards, SS officers things like that, etc.). So a lot of the time he never needed to defend himself.

What is a sentence for defend?

We will defend this position at all costs.He raises his arms to defend himself.

How does a wasp defend itself?

A wasp will obviously defend himself by either stinging or buzzing away :/

Why does Shiva have a trident?

because he needs to defend himself

How does the president defend himself?

The Secret Service is in charge of that.

What year did jean chretien defend himself with a wood carving of loon?

How does a loon defend itself? please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why is the word defendant misleading?

It isn't. In law, the plaintiff makes a complaint that he has been wronged by the defendant. The defendant must defend himself against the plaintiff's action. In some places, the accused person in a criminal case is also called a defendant; here again, the accusation has been brought against him and he must defend against it, if only by making the general denial implied by a plea of not guilty.

What are the Adaptation of quails?

the adaptations were that it was short and was able to defend himself

When jack questions of Ralph is scared of the beast how does Ralph defend himself?

he defends himself by stating that he declares jack a buttlicker

How does a hedghog defend itself?

a hedgehg defends himself by curling up in a ball

Why does Benvolio draw his sword in romeo and Juliet?

To defend himself. He is attacked by Tybalt.

From the story touching spirit bearWhy didn't cole try to defend himself against peter's attack?

Cole didn't defend himself from Peter because he had already done to much damage on Peter by beating him on the sidewalk.

What guarantees a person must be given a chance to defend himself or herself in court?

The Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution guarantees a person is given a chance to defend himself in court. This amendment was ratified on July 9, 1868.

What actors and actresses appeared in Kayapo Assemble to Defend the Xingu - 2011?

The cast of Kayapo Assemble to Defend the Xingu - 2011 includes: Raoni as himself

Can you still get child support if you do not have the father's address?

How would you have him served so that he can defend himself?

How does a killer whale protect himself?

They are apex predators; they have no natural predators and have no need to defend themselves.

How will a mouse defend himself?

Usually they will try to run and hide; if caught they may try to bite.

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