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Bilbo claimed that under the terms of the contract he was due a proportion of the dragon's treasure, and that he had taken the Arkenstone as his share.

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What does thorin vow to do anyone who withholds the Arkenstone?

Thorin vows to kill anyone who withholds the Arkenstone .

What happened to Thorin and the Arkenstone?

Spoiler Alert! Thorin is laid to rest under the Lonely Mountain with the Arkenstone on his breast.

What terms do Thorin and Bard come to?

Bard keeps the arkenstone and will give it back to Thorin later if he can receive part of the share

Why did Thorin throw Bilbo out of his camp?

because bilbo gave the arkenstone to bard

What did Thorin do after hearing about the death of Smaug?

He starts looking through the treasure for the Arkenstone.

What does Bilbo confiscate?

Bilbo takes possession of the Arkenstone without telling Thorin.

What parting gift did Bard bestow upon Thorin?

When Thorin was entombed in the Lonely Mountain, Bard laid the Arkenstone upon his breast.

What does Bilbo hide from thorin and the other dwarves in chapter 16?

The Arkenstone, the Heart of the Mountain. It was the only piece of treasure that Thorin coveted.

What piece of treasure does Thorin covet most?

Thorin covets the Arkenstone, which he believes to be his birthright and legitimise his claim as king under the mountain.

Is Thorin greedy will you please explain?

Thorin was not truly greedy, but the Arkenstone held a sway over him that made him act in a selfish manner.

Who has the Arkenstone in 'The Hobbit'?

Smaug has the Arkenstone in his hoard. Bilbo acquires it from the pile of treasure. He then gives it to Bard. Bard puts it with Thorin when he is buried. That is where it stayed.

In The Hobbit what agreement do thorin and bard come to?

Bard negotiated that for one fourteenth of the treasure under the mountain, he would return the Arkenstone to Thorin.

What stone did Bilbo take?

Bilbo took the Arkenstone. It was the treasure Thorin desired most.

Why was Thorin so angry with Bilbo in Chapter 17 of 'The Hobbit'?

Bilbo gives away the Arkenstone which puts Thorin in the position of having to parlay for it.

Why is the arkenstone so important to thorin in The Hobbit?

The innate greed in dwarves drove him to covet the Arkenstone because it was a massive jewel or extreme brilliance. It was also an heirloom of his line.

Why did Bilbo give the elvenking why?

Bilbo Baggins gave the elvenking the Arkenstone, the prized possession of Thorin.

How old was thorin oakenshield?

He was 249 when he died in the battle of five armies and was buried with the Arkenstone of Thrain

Why does Bilbo shudder when he hands Bard the Arkenstone?

He shudders because, he didn't want to hurt Thorin.

What the conflict in chapter 17 in the book the hobbit?

Thorin became enraged with Bilbo for giving the Arkenstone to Bard.

What is the Arkenstone of Thrain?

The Arkenstone is a large white gem sought by Thorin Oakenshield in The Hobbit . It was discovered beneath Erebor (the Lonely Mountain) by Thorin's ancestor, Thráin the Old, and shaped by the Dwarves .

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