The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings

How does Bilbo rescue the dwarves in chapter 8?


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He kills lots of Spiders and then he saves the dwarves the ens

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Bilbo uses the ring to become invisible. He taunts the spiders until they chase his voice away from the dwarves. He doubled back and freed them.

Bilbo becomes very fierce when he kills the spider who was trying to capture him. This leads him to rescue the dwarves by killing many spiders and leading them away. He becomes the dwarves leader, and they follow.

in chapter 8 after they fight the spiders

In chapter eight of the hobbit. Bilbo bagging's rescues the dwarfs. He's more brave then at the beginning of the book. He leads the spiders away to free the dwarves. When they return he kills many and they learn to fear his blade. He keeps the dwarves together and leads them out of the spiders area.

Chapter 8 is where the company is captured like flies by the spiders. All except Bilbo and Thorin, that is. Bilbo plays the part of the naughty little fly that the spiders cannot catch.

The word clue derives from clew (cliwen, cleowen, kluwen), which means a rounded mass or a ball of thread. When Bilbo refers to himself as the clue-finder in chapter 12, he is most likely referring to the web encased dwarves he finds or the cobwebs along the way through Mirkwood in chapter 8. It might also refer to Bilbo finding the key to the troll's lair in chapter 2, or it might have something to do with unravelling the meaning of the moon letters on Thror's map in chapter 3. Thanks to Sacnoth's Scriptorium for the information.

Giant spiders, reportedly descended from Ungoliant, and relations of Shelob, the great spider in The Lord of the Rings. The Dwarves and Bilbo ran into them when they strayed off the forest road against the advice of Gandalf. The original account can be read in Chapter 8 of The Hobbit "Flies and Spiders." Or you can read a summary of the chapter at the related link.

On page 156 Bilbo kills his first spider and names his sword 'Sting'. Throughout the rest of chapter 8 Bilbo kills so many spiders they begin to fear him.

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The major event is the fight in Chapter 8.

There weapons were made made out of dwarves 8-

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