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he distracts the Spiders and gets them mad and finally frees them

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The dwarves were going to get killed by the spider but Bilbo shot a spider with a rock.

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Q: How does Bilbo save the dwarves from the giant spider?
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How did Bilbo save the dwarves from the giant spider?

he smuggled them out of the dungeon

Explain how Bilbo begins to take a leadership role in their quest?

Bilbo takes it upon himself to save the dwarves while they are in distress. Bilbo saves to dwarves from the spiders and from the Elvenking's dungeon. Bilbo also takes a leadership role in trying to comprehend the riddle to open the door in the Mountain were Smaug lives.

How did Bilbo save the dwarves from the Elvenking?

He smuggled them out of their dungeons and packed them in barrels that were dropped in the river to send them back to the lakemen.

What does Bilbo advise the Dwarves to do to save themselves from Smaugs wrath?

They should enter the tunnel and shut the secret door.

Why does the lord of eagles save them?

The lord of the eagles saves Bilbo and the dwarves because Gandalf had saved his life when he had been injured by an arrow.

In Chapter 4 of 'The Hobbit' how does Gandalf save Bilbo and the dwarves?

He is warned by Bilbo's shout and manages to avoid capture by the goblins. He follows the goblins and their captives through the mountain. He uses his magic to kill the great goblin and to douse the fire and lights. He then leads them away from the goblins and out of the mountain. Unfortunately, Bilbo is 'lost' in the process.

Why is it fortunate that Bilbo had accompanied the dwarves into the cave?

Well what alternatives did he have? Standing out in the rain and cold? Nah. But it was fortunate that he accompanied them in, because if he hadn't, he would never have discovered The Ring. It was also Bilbo's squeak that gave Gandalf enough time to avoid capture and save everyone else.

How does Gandalf save Bilbo and the dwarves from the Goblins?

After escaping the Goblins initially during the first attack, he follows the Goblins and their captives to the Goblintown. When the Great Goblin was about to attack Thorin, Gandalf revealed himself, drawing his sword, Glamdring, white emitted burning, white sparks that burned into the Goblins around him. He slew the Great Goblin and led the Dwarves out of the tunnels in the confusion, Bilbo accidentally getting lost along the way out.

How does Bilbo begin to take a leadership role in their quest?

He takes it upon himself to save the dwarves, multiple times (from the spiders and the elves most notably.)he was a hobbit who knew how to sneak around places without being seen

Why does Thorin give to Bilbo part of the treasure?

Because during the unexpected party, Thorin promised Bilbo 1/14th payment of the treasure in return for Bilbo's services as a 'thief'. Though Bilbo did not do much in the way of being a thief, he did save the dwarves from Thranduil, as well as help them gain entrance into the mountain. They also wanted him on the journey because it would have been unlucky to take on their journey with 13 members. At the end of their adventures, Bilbo had obviously earned his 1/14th share, so Thorin fulfilled his promise and sent Bilbo home with a chest of treasure (though it is hinted later on in LotR that Bilbo ended up receiving more).

Does Gandalf always travel with the 13 dwarves?

No. Gandalf leaves the dwarves several times in the book, always returning, seemingly, just in time to save the dwarves from some terrible danger.

What is a brief summary of The Hobbit?

Bilbo Baggins is a well-to-do hobbit* who is respected by many and never dreamed of doing anything adventurous of unexpected. However, his perfect life is suddenly disrupted as Gandalf the wizard thrusts him into the wilderness with thirteen dwarves to find a vast treasure and slay the dragon guarding it. With a surprising amount of luck, Bilbo survives trolls, giant wolves, mysterious elves, and a strange ring, before finally arriving with his companions at the evil mountain wherein lies the treasure, and the dragon! The company awakens the dragon, who flies about the land, and soon elves, men and dwarves are all after the treasure! Will Bilbo's company be able to save the treasure from greedy hands, or be killed in the resulting Battle of Five Armies? Read it and find out!*Hobbit:Hobbits are a small fictional people, shorter that dwarves, who live in a land they call the Shire. They all share a love of peace and quiet, things that grow, and food, and they don't like anything unexpected and dangerous.

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What happens to Bilbo during the battle?

Bilbo stays out of the fighting by putting on his ring. It did not save him completely because an errant rock smashes him on the head and he is knocked unconscious.

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What does Bilbo do to save the dwarfs?

There were a few different occasions that Bilbo saved the dwarfs. One of these times in when they were captured by trolls, and were being cooked. Bilbo convinced the trolls that the dwarfs were ridden with disease, and stalled for enough time that they could be rescued.

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Why does the lord of the eagles save biblo and the party?

The lord of the eagles save bilbo and the party, because he knew Gandalf and by doing this he was repaying a favor to Gandalf.

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