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It contains caffeine that accelerates the heart rate.

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Is there a tea that helps with arousal?

chia tea helps

What tea is healthier for heart patients?

The best tea for heart patients would be an herbal tea. Hawthorne. If they insist on a "real" tea then decaffeinated green tea.

Can green tea affect blood test results?

can tea with no suger affect my suger levells

Does tea affect your growth?

YES. Not the tea itself but the caffine.

How do you say chia in Spanish?

For the seed chia it is the same: "semilla de chia"

What is chia seed in tagalog?


What will affect the heart?

micoligits and chlorocimisis will affect the heart

Which diseases affect the heart and explain how they affect the heart?

it can cause diseases of the heart

Does drinking Tea affect Testicle Enlargement?

No, tea has no effect on testicles.

How does depressants affect the heart rate?

depressants affect the heart rate by its heart rate

Does exercise affect your heart?

It does affect. It helps your heart and your body.

Does green tea affect sleep?

Green Tea does have caffiene, yet it does not have as much as normal (black) tea does.

What is the Hindi meaning of chia seed?


What do you called chia seed in Japan?

A Chia seed in Japan is still called a chia seed. Chia seeds come from a plant that grows in Mexico.

How do you get an Apple Chia on Neopets?

Feed it an Apple Chia Pop.Apple Chias can be zapped by the lab ray or by feeding a chia a magical apple chia pop.

What is the name of the star of Chia Bomber 2?

Geoffrey Chia is the star of Chia Bomber 2 on Neopets.

What is chia seed in Punjabi?

Chia seeds are called Falooda in Punjabi

What is the Tamil meaning of chia seeds?

chia seeds

What is the Arabic name for Chia seeds?

Chia seed

Do different teas affect plants growth?

No they never affect the plants growth because the plant can absorb the tea but tea is not amazing for the plant.

Can you drink tea or milk when you are taking antibiotics?

Yes. Milk and tea will not affect antibiotics.

What is chia seeds called in gujarati?

The Gujarati word for chia seeds is tukmaria. Chia seeds are small beige and brown seeds that have a wealth of nutrition in them.

Does fast dancing affect your heart rate?

yes it does affect your heart rate

Does caffeine affect your heart rate?

yes, caffeine does affect the heart rate

Is Chia a country?

China is a country, but there is no country called Chia.