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Q: How does Ender beat Bernard at the war of the desks?
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The ender game what is it about?

Its about a young boy (Ender) who was taken to battle school to fight in a war against aliens.

Why is Ender's nickname important in the book Ender's Game?

my teacher told me the answer to this a couple of weeks ago, apparently because he "END"ed the war against the buggers His nickname is important in several ways. He intuitively understands that while you can beat an enemy in a single battle, unless you beat him so badly that any further attack is unthinkable, you will have to keep fighting future battles - Ender understood how to truly END a conflict permanently.

What is the game ender game?

Its about a young boy (Ender) who was taken to battle school to fight in a war against aliens.

What was Mazers and Enders relationship like in enders game?

Mazer is Enders teacher during enders game. he trained him to beat the formics. [SPOILER] he made ender think that he was testing him with games when ender was actually fighting in the war. They first met on Eros, the asteriod where Command School was held. In the book Ender In Exile they are companions who are close during the begining of the book before Ender leaves for Colony 1 (later named Shakespeare

In the book Ender's Game where is Mazer Rackham from?

Earth. Well, after the first Bugger War, they sent him on a long voyage in space to keep him alive to teach Ender (or whoever would've taken Ender's place.).

What is the order of the Ender's Games book?

There are two possible answers to this question: the order they were written, and the chronological order. Publication order: "Ender's Game" (short story) Ender's Game (novel) Speaker for the Dead Xenocide Children of the Mind Ender's Shadow "Investment Counselor" Shadow of the Hegemon Shadow Puppets First Meetings (containing 4 of the short stories) "The Polish Boy" "Teacher's Pest" Shadow of the Giant "Mazer in Prison" "Pretty Boy" "Cheater" "A Young Man with Prospects" "The Gold Bug" "Ender's Stocking" "A War of Gifts" "Ender's Homecoming" "Ender in Flight" Ender in Exile Earth Unaware Shadows in Flight Earth Afire Shadows Alive Chronological order: Earth Unaware Earth Afire (an as-yet-unnamed forthcoming novel about the second Formic War) "Mazer in Prison" "The Polish Boy" "Teacher's Pest" Ender's Game "Cheater" (concurrent with Ender's Game) "Pretty Boy" (concurrent with Ender's Game) Ender's Shadow (concurrent with Ender's Game) "A War of Gifts" (concurrent with Ender's Game) "Ender's Stocking" (concurrent with Ender's Game) Shadow of the Hegemon Shadow Puppets Shadow of the Giant Ender in Exile "Ender's Homecoming" (contained in Ender in Exile, takes place just before Shadow of the Hegemon) "Ender in Flight" "A Young Man with Prospects" "The Gold Bug" "Investment Counselor" Speaker for the Dead Shadows in Flight Xenocide Children of the Mind Shadows Alive

How many books are in the Ender's Game series?

Depends. There're kind of several groups. Ender series: Ender's Game Ender In Exile Speaker For the Dead Xenocide Children of the Mind Shadow Series: Ender's Shadow Shadow of the Hegemon Shadow Puppets Shadow of the Giant Short Stories: A War of Gifts (takes place while Ender is still in Battle School) First Meetings

How does ender inspire confidence and loyalty in the soldiers in his army?

In Ender's Shadow Bean talks to Shen ( Ender's first friend) who says that " Ender wakes up the good inside you", which is actually quite lyrical. Also, when given a battle two days in a war he finds that flattery is helpful.

What has the author BERNARD IRELAND written?


Why was Ender isolated?

He was isolated for his own good. If he had friends he would think he could always relie on other people to solve his problems. He cant if he wants to ender the bugger war and save the world.

Who headed the war industries board in world war 1?

Bernard Baruch

Who was Bernard Baruch in World War 1?

he was head of the war industries board

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