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How does God's word help you see?

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"All Scripture is given by inspiration of God and is profitable" II Tim 3:16.

If all scripture is God-breathed, then it reveals what is real. God, being who He is, can see what is real, while we as humans struggle to see it at times. God knows what is true, while we do not. He reveals what is true in The Bible, so that we can see what really is so.

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What does it mean if someone sees water in dream?

, I think I can help you out. Okey WATER is the symbol of PURE. And Gods Word. If you can tell me more about the dream i can probably help you out! see you soon I hope.

When was Word Processor of the Gods created?

Word Processor of the Gods was created in 1983-01.

Should the word gods have an apostrophe?

The word gods is a plural common noun. It is not a proper noun.The gods were angry.If gods has ownership or belongings, it needs an apostrophe.The gods' wrath was shown in thunder and lightning.

Why is gods word alive?

First always write the word GOD in capitals,then... GODs word is alive because HE is a living GOD.

What is the name of gods brother?

Depends on which pantheon of gods you are referring to. See link for the gods and their relations.

Why did romans worship their gods?

Romans believed that if they were in good favor with their gods that their gods would help them. If the gods were mad at them, they would be punished.

Can you eat and drink in heaven?

I dont know ask god or wait and see, but if you do wait you must follow Gods word.

Do Christians see the Greek gods as demons?

Christans see the ancient Greek gods as old fairy-tales.

What is the word for believing in many gods?

The word is Polytheism.

How did the people in ancient Greece use storytelling to explain the world around them?

To respect and disrespect the gods. To help see what the world brings.

How can a microsoft word help a teacher in a classroom?

It can help teachers because it helps students to see their presentation.

How do you find a word for another word?

A Thesaurus or a list of synonyns for that word would be the way. See the related link for more help.

Are the gods responsible for what happens to the mortals in the Iliad?

The Gods in the Iliad. The gods take sides in the Iliad. The gods help their favorite mortals both directly and indirectly.

What was Mother Teresa's message?

Love Godthat she was a good woman, followed gods word and wanted to help people for the greater good of the planet

What word means the worship of many gods?

The word is polytheism.

Why did fifth-century Greeks not see themselves as at the mercy of gods?

Ancient Greeks were people who worshiped many gods as polytheists. Fifth-century Greeks did not see themselves at the mercy of gods because they thought the gods were benevolent.

What is Texas Apache religion?

The Apache Indians do dances and chants. They do these to basically talk to there gods. One of there many gods names is Crapoti. They believe when they do that there gods will help them with food or rain or whatever will help them.

In Greek myth could the gods see the humans on earth?

When the gods chose to appear on Earth, yes they could see humans.

How did the gods help the Chinese people?

they help them by eatching over them and proceting them for was

When food is given to the gods what is it called when the gods bless it?

the gods werent ment to bless it. When they sacrificed a portion of there food to the gods it was called an Offering and in return the gods would help them with some of there prayers

What is the term for the belief in many gods?

The word you are looking for is polytheism (the belief in many gods)

What is the Swedish word for gods?

God = Gud Gods = Gudar Please bear in mind that the Swedish word "god" (rhymes with mood) means "good" and "gods" (pr. goots) means freight!

What festival do Jews celebrate that through gods help Easter saved gods people?


What is the word for king of the gods?

There is no word for the king of the god however there are names. In Greece, for example their king of the gods was named Zeus. In Rome, it was Jupiter.

Is praising god more important than reading gods word?

the same important it is useless to read the gods word if you didn't praise him...........