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Google Earth has an extensive database of imagery in small titles and layers for street segments, road names, etc. as well mapping of addresses and geonames to map coordinates.

The imagery is geo-registered such that its corner latitude and longitude coordinates are projected onto the map at the right location.

Addresses are mapped to latitude/longitude coordinates but with "good enough" precision. Google states up front that some addresses are not roof-top accurate and describe this as the result of how addresses are matched up to an exact position on the earth. Google relies on a technique called "address interpolation," which is a fancy way of saying that they take a best guess. More specifically, the algorithm looks at the total number of addresses in a given block and assumes an even distribution of the addresses along that block.

For example, if there are ten addresses for the 800th block of Main Street, it assumes that the fifth address is located at the halfway point.

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Q: How does Google Earth pinpoint places?
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What does one use Google Earth for?

One uses Google Earth to get directions as Google Earth provides geographical information about places on the Earth. Google Earth was released twelve years ago in 2001.

Where can one get a picture of Earth?

There are a variety of places where one can get pictures of the Earth. Some of these places include Google Images, Google Earth, and websites such as Space, Planetary, NASA, and many other astronomical related websites.

How do you restore placemark data if you have to reinstall Google Earth?

Saved places are stored in a local file named myplaces.kml. This file is stored in a different location than the Google Earth application data so uninstalling or reinstalling Google Earth has no effect on the saved places.Reinstalling Google Earth will use the previous saved places data if available otherwise it will create the initial saved places if none existed before.

How do you know my Google earth is pro?

You can install and run both the free version and Pro version on your machine. In fact they both share the same saved places file.When you run Google Earth Pro the window title bar shows "Google Earth Pro" and Help/About Google Earth" menu option likewise shows the "Google Earth Pro" logo.

Will the placemarks be saved on Google Earth if you uninstall it?

Yes, the placemarks are saved in a different location such that uninstalling and reinstalling Google Earth will preserve the user's old saved places. In fact, if you have both Google Earth free version and Google Earth Pro, they both share the same saved places file.The location of the saved placed depends on what version of the OS you're running. See related links below to find the saved places file which is named myplaces.kml.

What does Google Earth do?

Google Earth can view street view & satellite imagery, oceans, 3D buildings, various locations, and save places as bookmarks/favorites (such as places you've visited or places you wish to visit). Simply, Google Earth allows one to access any location in the world from your computer. One can locate businesses, homes, buildings, terrain and imagery all in 3D.

What is the purpose of Google Earth?

Google Earth helps people for driving to other places seeing maps and seeing places without going there.AdditionallyGoogle describes Google Earth as a tool "allowing you to travel the world through a virtual globe and view satellite imagery, maps, terrain, 3D buildings, and much more."

How can you pinpoint the exact location of a place on earth?

You can pinpoint the exact location of a place on earth by using longitude and latitude coordinates. You may also use a GPS system.

What allows us to pinpoint locations on the surface of the earth?


Does Google charge to list your business on maps?

Google provides a basic service for free for businesses to list companies. There is also a premium service for fee to launch online advertising campaigns and other advanced features. Listings in Google Places get incorporated into the places layer for Google Maps and Google Earth. See Google Places for details. (URL in related link below).

Where does Google Earth pinpoint Goole as being located?

Google Maps pinpoints Goole as located in East Riding of Yorkshire DN14. A town, port and parish with approximately 20,000 inhabitants. The town was previously twinned with Germany and is now twinned with Poland.

How do you put the company address on Google Maps?

One method to add your business listing to Google Maps and Google Earth is creating a record in Google Places. See related link below for details.

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