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An excellent question. I have seen the glove listed as 'endorsed' by Harry Gumbert, whose career spanned 1935-1950. I assume that means one of two things: 1) He used the glove, which was made in the 1920s, and then signed it or 2) he simply signed it. The title "1920s Harry Gumbert D&M model glove" certainly is misleading since he never played in the 1920s.

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You are searching for answers about an oil painting you have signed Desmoulins 1899?

how much is his worth i have one that is flowers and a pitcher

What is a signed baseball bat by Mariano Rivera worth?

Not much because hes a pitcher but still worth something i have a bot signed by Roy Halladay and i tried to sell that but it was only worth about 500

How do you say violet in sign language?

Violet can either be signed as purple of finger spelled. Check the related links for the sign alphabet.

Who was the first free agent signed by the Arizona Diamondbacks?

Shortstop Jay Bell signed with the Diamondbacks on November 17th, 1997 to a five year contract to make him the first free agent signed by the Diamondbacks and second player overall on the team (the first being pitcher Felix Rodriguez)

Who was number 30 on the Boston Red Sox in 2004?

Pitcher Curt Leskanic. He signed with the Red Sox as a free agent in June, 2004.

How much is a John Wayne oil painting by Peter Shinn?

A painting or pitcher painting of John Wayne signed by artists 1.000.00 and up

Who is the still life artist signed DUV and dated 1963?

I have been trying to find out who the artist is also, i have my parents still life (fruit with a pitcher) signed DUV...we are from New York, he or she might just be a local artist from the sixties...

How do you sign i can only imagine in sign language?

I is signed by taking a pointer finger and ptting it sideways on your chest. Can is not signed and imagine is an I, or your pinky, moving counter clockwise near your head. If you want the whole song "I can Only Imagine" email me at kc1997kc@aol.com

Why do you wear a wedding band on your left ring finger?

Egyptian legend has it that a large major blood vessel goes from the left ring-finger up the arm and into the left half of the heart. This symbols the life enduring vows you have made with your mate, signed in blood. (kinda)

Which San Francisco Giants player makes the most money?

Pitcher Barry Zito, who is in the sixth year of a lucrative seven-year deal with the Giants for $126 million, will earn $19 million in 2012 and $20 million in 2013. Pitcher Tim Lincecum signed for $18 million for 2012 and $22 million for 2013. He will be a free agent after the 2013 season. Pitcher Matt Cain signed for $15 million for 2013. He will receive $20 million a year through the 2017 season.

When did Catfish Hunter sign with the New York Yankees?

Catfish Hunter signed with the Yankees in 1975. At the time, Catfish became the highest paid pitcher in baseball.

What position did Brewers reliever Greg Aquino originally signed with the Arizona Diamondbacks to play?

In 1995, the Diamondbacks signed the 16 year-old infielder, however Aquino never played anything pitcher during the 2004-2006 seasons he was on the D-Backs.

Has a New York Yankee ever left the team and become a Boston Red Sox player?

Yes. Pitcher Ramiro Mendoza signed with the Red Sox as a free agent for the 2003 season after having pitched for the Yankees between 1996-2002. Also, pitcher David Cone signed with the Red Sox as a free agent for the 2001 season after having pitched for the Yankees between 1995-2000.

How can you tell if a tile signed by Picasso is actually by Picasso?

well if you go to a speacilist and ask them to check it or buy a microscope and look for finger prints if that answer was any help send me a message back ok.

What does 8 mean in sign language?

IMPROVED: Salut: The number 8 is signed by touching the middle finger to the thumb. I hope this is what you want. Are you asking for the sign for the number 8? Please clarify, thanks!

What are some popular questions asked about the declaration of independence?

Who wrote it. Who signed it. When it was writtin. When it was signed. Why it was signed. Where it was signed. Who wanted it signed. Who didn't want it signed.

How is a hand signed poster from Finger Eleven worth?

You would have to find the right buyer, putting it up on eBay might be your best bet you might get lucky and reel someone in... 20-30 bucks

Who signed the Panama Canal?

It was not signed to America it signed to iraq

Who signed the ten dollar bill?

All of the US paper currency is signed by the Secretary of the Treasury. The current secretary is Henry Paulson. Before him it was John Snow, and before him Paul O'Neill. Since paper currency does not wear well, it does not typically remain long in circulation. Most of the bills you use will likely have been signed by one of these three individuals. For a list of all of them beginning with Alexander Hamilton: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_Secretary_of_the_Treasury#Secretaries_of_the_Treasury

What baseball player wore number 21 and has the first name of Brian?

I have a signed baseball and I believe that the individual is a pitcher who was wearing number 21 and who's first name is Brian J with the last name starting with the letter R. It was signed withing the last three years and may have been with the Florida Marlins.

How do you get signed?

It was Signed In 60000.

How do you say come what may in british sign language?

On the right hand make a "C" shape with thumb and forefinger. Then hold out the arm away from the body bring the "C" shape to you (this signs the c is becoming closer to you) Then "What" is signed by right hand with index finger (pointing finger) at head height (palm facing away toward the person you talk to) and then move the hand left and right like 3 to 4 times. This is "What" . "May" id signed as "M" on the palm (index, middle and ring finger of right hand) taps the palm of the left = "M" then sign "Y" which is the index finger of the right hand moving down the bacl of the left thumb between the thumb and left index finger to form a "Y". This is most common for "may" put all three signs together and that is come what may. However, its not usual to have this sign as the deaf/sign language users do not always use such a phrase

Was Tanyon Sturze pitcher for the NY Yankees released or is he on the DL wtommy john surgery?

Tanyon Sturtze was signed by the Atlanta Braves on December 3, 2006. So far this year he has not appeared in a game.

What was signed in 1763 By whom was it signed?

The proclamation of 1763. It was signed by king george.

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