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How does Henry in The Time Traveller's Wife manage to be talking to Clare's father and brother when he was just shot and Clare heard him call her name came and Henry shushed her Wasn't he dying?

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February 03, 2010 11:16PM

"Well, a different version of himself was talking with them. An earlier version. There are similar "conflicts" throughout the story, like how did his daughter come back to talk to him after he died, and he never remembered seeing her... or how did he have a child when he voluntarily has a vasectomy? It's a time travel story, so weird things happen like that... but he didn't come back from the dead. It was just a different version of himself talking to them." That was somebodys previous answer. This is mine.. He was shot, but he didn't die immediatly, as he was shot as a reflex he called Clare's name, and as she ran down to find him, her Dad and Brother turned to face her and all he did was simply raise a finger to his lips so.. yeh that's how Also, his past self impregnated Clare so he hadn't had a vesectomy yet, that's how they had a baby