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What did Jonas realize about the family after his session with the giver?

Jonas realizes that his family doesn't feel pain

How does Jonas feel now about the ritual of family members telling their feelings?


Ho is Joe Jonas daeting?

nobody.he wants to stay away from relationships because he doesnt want her to feel bad cause she doesnt get all of his attention and he feels that she should.

Why does the giver transmits pain and how does it make Jonas feel?

He transmits pain so Jonas can feel how others have. It makes Jonas feel nervous.

How do the Jonas Brothers feel about Michael Jackson dying?

They sent out their condolences to the Jackson family, and were saddened by his death. Research: Jonas Brothers Twitter page (jonasbrothers)

When will you move to Florida?

well it doesnt matter where or when i want to or when a freind or family will go but what matter is when do you want to go or how do you feel about moving there.

How do Hillary Clinton feel about minimum wage?

She doesnt She doesnt

What is the meaning of Hindi word ehsaas?

Ehsaas means-realization and mehsoos means-to feel

How do you let your boyfriend know you want to kiss them?

Actually it is a matter of realization and make him to feel that.

How does John McCain feel about the environment?

he doesnt like it he doesnt like it

How did the Old Receiver feel after transmitting a memory to Jonas?

old receiver feel tried because he was giving his memory to jonas<<<i think>>>>

Which brother does Joe Jonas like Kevin or nick?

Um, i would probably think that Joe Jonas doesn't have a favorite of his brothers because that would be pretty harsh and the other one might feel left outt and Joe Jonas doesnt look like the type to have a favorite of HIS BROTHERS. He is his own favorite:] lol

How does a silk tie feel?

it doesnt

How does Juliet feel about Paris?

doesnt really like him. doesnt want to marry him

What does the word frightened mean according to Jonas?

It means to feel really sickening, and that you feel something bad is bout to happen according to Jonas

How does the giver feel each time he gives a memory to Jonas?

He feel weak because each time he gives memories to jonas, he forgets it.

How does Jonas feel when the chief elder skips his number?

The chief elderly skipped Jonas because she/he thought that Jonas is not there or he is not ready

What is The personality disorder of having no emotion?

sociopathy Sociopaths can't feel empathy, they live on instant gratification and satisfying their own need regardless of who gets hurt De-realization and/or depersonalization is a more appropriate answer, socio path psychopaths feel anger, people with de realization don't know what they feel, thus "no emotions" .

What does a food chain feel like?

it doesnt feel of anything its like a cycle

What does it mean when a guy stops hugging you?

he might not like you anymore, doesnt feel good, doesnt feel like giveing a hug, alot of things

How are jonas' feelings different from his family's feelings?

the feelings of Jonas from his family's feelings are different because Jonas is the receiver and he can feels everybody feelings and have reason of they would feel allot of pain and his family's feelings are different from Jonas because they never feel pain.

How did Jonas's range of emotions differ from those of his family and friends in the Giver?

No one, except Jonas and the Giver, can actually feel emotions, like love and hate and pain.

How does Nick Jonas feel about miley's problems?


Jonas brothers does nick feel ill?


How did Jonas feel after receiving his adult assignment?