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Nazi anti-semitism was racial. Obviously, it built on religious prejudices against the Jews, which go back for centuries.

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Q: How does Judaism relate to the Holocaust?
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How is Christianity Islam and Judaism as relate to Muhammad?

Judaism and Christianity don't relate to Mohammad.

What religion was targeted by the holocaust?


What was the Jewish people religion during the Holocaust?

Judaism of course. That's the reason for the Holocaust.

Struggles the Judaism and its members have encountered?

The struggles are the Holocaust

What was the Jews' religion during the Holocaust?

Judaism. A Jew is a follower of Judaism. Jewish is NOT a race.

What religion the Torah and diaspora relate to?


How does patriotism relate to the Holocaust?

It was one of the things that the Nazis appealed to in order to get people to perpetrate the Holocaust

Does the holocaust relate to the theme debate and diplomacy?

it is diplomacy

Why did Judaism play an important role in the Holocaust?

because the followers of Judaism were singled out for especially murderous treatment.

How does slavery relate to the Holocaust?

Jews were slaves in ancient Egypt in a simiar way to the Holocaust. Only the other aspects of the Holocaust make it unrelateable.

What religions were victims of the Holocaust?

Judaism, Jehovah's Witnesses, and gypsies.

Did the Holocaust break the covenant?

That is a theological question in Judaism and is controversial.

How did the holocaust affect the development of judaism?

it added theological debates.

How does Christianity relate to Judaism?

The Pope has called Judaism "Christianity's older sister," since Christianity bases much of its content on Judaism.

How does the holocaust relate to the time period of world war 2?

the Holocaust took place within that time period.

What religious impact did the Holocaust have on Judaism?

The Torah remains the same. the Holocaust could make us aware that assimilation is not helpful.

How many followers are there worldwide of Judaism before the Holocaust?

There were about 18 million.

What happened to the major players in the holocaust?

Germany was defeated. Judaism survived.

What words that relate to the holocaust begin with an o?

Oppenheimer, sort of.Oppression.

What are some songs that relate to the Holocaust?

Please see related links.

How does the Treaty of Versailles relate to the Holocaust i need to know for my History project?

the treaty of Versailles helped end ww1 and the holocaust was the torturing and killing of Jewish people in ww2 so they don't relate very much

What are the 3 most important events in judaism?

holocaust, date it started and holidays

How does prejudice relate to the Holocaust?

Prejudice was a factor that led to the conditions that allowed the Holocaust to occur. Jews faced prejudice in most countries at the time of the Holocaust. But it would be other factors that were in Nazi Germany that led to the Holocaust.

How does the Holocaust relate to english?

England became at war with Nazi Germany, the holocausts.

How does the poem Hangman relate to the Holocaust?

There are unjustified killings in both.