How does K-9 Advantix work?

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Q: How does K-9 Advantix work?
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What is k9 advantix?

K9 Advantix is a medicine that is use for dogs that have fleas,ticks,mosquitos etc. this make the best med for dogs

How soon can you reapply K9 Advantix if it didn't work the first time?

Once a month.

Who sings the K9 Advantix commercials?

Gunnar washington

Is k9 advantage best for cats?

K9 Advantix is not a very good choice for cats. The word K9 on the box tells you it is for dogs. The Advantix for cats would be the best, just get the right one for your cat's weight.

How do you rid dog fleas?

Sprays and repellents such as k9 advantix.

What is the difference in the colors of k9 advantix II?

The colors correspond to the weight ranges for each package. So - if your dog weights 15lbs, they would get the K9 Advantix II for Dogs 11-20lbs,

How soon after using Frontline plus can you use k9 Advantix?

30 days . . . and no sooner

Where can one find information about K9 Advantix?

Information about K9 Advantix can be found on the Bayer Animal Health web site. The site explains in detail the advantage of the product. The company also explains what risks might occur with this product.

How soon after using K9 Advantix can you bathe your dog?

Should be no sooner than 48 hours before or after application.

Do k9 work with police in the office?

k9 skill

The Frontline is not working. How soon after using Frontline plus can you use k9 Advantix?

Go to your vet and ask about's a small pill and it kills the fleas within a couple of days.

How many hours does a K9 officer work?

it depends where you work

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