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How does Lake Texoma rank in size?

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Lake Texoma is the 12th largest lake in the United States.

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Where does Lake Livingston Rank in the State of Texas in Size?

4th behind texoma, toledo bend, sam reyburn, and livingston

What is the area of Lake Texoma?

The area of Lake Texoma is 360.17 square kilometers.

What is the ZIP code for lake texoma?

burnsrun west lake texoma zip code

Is Eufaula Lake bigger than Lake Texoma?

Lake Texoma is larger in capacity, Eufaula is larger in surface area.

What is the biggest lake in Texas?

Lake Texoma

Is lake Texoma on the Texas side a natural lake or man made?

Lake Texoma in a man-made lake. In fact, the only natural lake in Texas is Lake Caddo.

What is the second biggest lake in Oklahoma?

Lake Texoma

What are the release dates for Screenliner Lake Texoma - 1951?

Screenliner Lake Texoma - 1951 was released on: USA: 3 August 1951

What is the oldest lake in Oklahoma?

Take Texoma

Is lake texoma a natural lake?

No it was man made on the red river.

What state is lake Texoma in?

Lake Texoma forms part of the border between Texas and Oklahoma. The actual border goes down the middle of the lake, so part of it is in each state.

What is the biggest lake in Oklahoma?

Lake eufaula and lake texoma and the biggest lakes in Oklahoma

What are the three biggest lakes in Texas?

Caddo Lake, Lake livingston, and Lake Texoma

Was lake Texoma a man made lake or a naturaly made lake?

Man made

What towns were flooded by the making of Lake Texoma?


What lakes are bigger than lake Texoma?


What lake runs east west in Texas?


What are some of the lakes in Oklahoma?

Sardis Lake Tenkiller Ferry Lake Lake Lawtonka Lake Texoma Lake Thunderbird

What is the name of the large lake on the Oklahoma-Texas border?

It is called Lake Texoma.

What size rank is lake okeechobee?


Where does lake Champlain rank in size in the us?


How many gallon of water are in lake texoma?

Approx 756,993,907,779 gallons

What states is Lake Texoma located in?

Lake Texoma is located in both Oklahoma and Texas within the USA. It's primary outflow is the Red River and covers a vast surface area of 89,000 acres.

How big is Lake Texoma?

The surface area of the lake is about 89,000 acres and water volume is about 3.115242 km3 .

Where is Texoma?

It is a large lake on the Texas and Oklahoma border near Durant, OK.