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How does Mars look like?

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The Valles Marineris looks like exactly what it is - a long, deep valley. The same is true of Olympus Mons: An enormous, extinct volcano. Those are the two most prominent surface features. Most of the rest of Mars looks like a vast, windswept desert.

2012-03-01 21:22:03
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Q: How does Mars look like?
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What does Mars look like on Mars?

Photos from the surface show Mars to look a lot like an earth desert.

What is does Mars looks like?

what do we look in mars

How would Mars look like?

Mars would look like chocolate with caramel inside of it :)

What did human on Mars look like?

So far, no humans have been to Mars. We will have to wait for someone to get there to find out what they'll look like.

What does sedna look like?

Sedna loos like mars because it appears to be as red as mars.

What does Mars look like and does it have rings?

don't have rings and mars is red and rocky

What will the sun look like from Mars?


What dose mars look like?


What does mars surface look like?


What does the rings on mars look like?

they are green

What does in side of mars look like?


What does mars look like when your there?

red rocks

What did the god mars look like?

the word

What does the center of mars look like?

its like earth's core

What is mars axis poles look like?

The mars axis poles have ice caps, which is frozen water on mars.

What does Mars look like as Mars?

mars is a redish planet with dust all around the atmoshere! love, Madison thst is not the answer

What does the inside of Mars look like?

red dust

What do mars two moons look like?


What did mars look like in the past?

The same as it is now!

What does the top of mars look like?

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Did mars used to look like Earth?

yes, Mars did look like the earth. It had liquid water on it. It does not look like earth anymore because the core of the planet cooled down and when that happened it lost its magnate field. The core cooled down faster than earth because mars is small the earth. The earth and mars will die the same way.

What mars look like inside?

Mars has a magma core with millions and millions of layers of rocks and sediments, just like what Earth has.

What does mars really look like?

it looks like a dark and lifeless planet.

Does mars look like what it looks like now because of it's atmosphere?


What do aliens look like on mars?

There are no aliens on Mars nor anywhere else so far as is known.