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Daddy.......Daddy wasnt there.......Daddy......Daddy wasnt there.......WHen I was first baptised when I was critisized when i was first circumsized!......Daddy wasn't there.

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Where does the human population get most of its food?


How does cigarettes affect us?

You could get cancer at Mcdonalds

Are there more Mcdonalds in the World than the population of Spain?


Why did the Agricultural Revolution affect population?

Why did the Agricultural Revolution affect population?

How can population affect your life?

how does increase the population affect the life in manila

How does lack of exercise affect the body?

Trust me, dont go McDonalds - Callum Platt

How can population levels affect desertification in Sahel?

how can population levels affect desertification

How does the quetta weather affect the population?

how does weather affect the heath of quettas population

How do some factor in an ecosystem limit the growth of population within an ecosystem?

the number of hamburgers available from McDonalds greatly limits the population.

How the infertility and sterility affect the growth of population?

how infertility and sterility affect the growth of population

What population does Progeria most commonly affect directly or indirectly?

Population affect directly or indirectly

How does geography affect the population?

definition of population settlement

How does emigration affect population growth?

it decreases the population

will mcdonalds die?

will mcdonalds file for bankruptcy and shutdown?

How might one population affect other populations in a community?

when population are change it would affect in a community, because the population can be from a different specie and what the first population have in common the second does not have.

How does mcdonalds affect peoples health?

it may male them ill and overweight causing them to get sick may even get a disease

How population affect?

the pop

How do landforms affect population?

landforms affect population because the landforms are making less space for people to live.

What affect did agriculture have on population?

The affect agriculture had was getting vegetation.

How did the genocide affect the Rwanda population?

the population went down

The size of the population can affect the size of a predator population?

A prey

How can a dam affect the population of salmon?

it would decrease population

How can mutations affect population?

Mutations can cause variations in a population.

What affect will pollution have in the population?

it will lower the population quite a bit