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How does Minnesota determine how many votes each presidential candidate will get?


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All ten of Minnesota's electoral votes go to the Presidential candidate with the most popular votes in the state and his running mate.

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Florida gives all of its electoral votes to the Presidential candidate that received the most votes. This is a winner-take-all system. A majority of votes is not needed, merely a plurality.

The presidential candidate who received the least votes in the South in the election of 1860 was John Bell.

Only one presidential candidate and one vice presidential candidate can get 270 votes, so yes.

In Texas the Vote was: * 4,479,328 for McCain the Republican. * 3,528,633 for Obama the Democratic Candidate. * 5,214 votes for Nader the Independent Candidate. * 56,116 votes for Barr the Libertarian. * 5,052 votes for Baldwin the Constitution Candidate * 671 votes for Mckinney the Green Candidate. * 2,781 votes were cast for others.

People vote for a candidate. Each state has a given number of electoral votes. Win the state, get the votes from that state. Get more votes than your opponent, and you have been elected.

Presidential Primaries determine how many electoral collage votes each candidate gets for the election. determines the party candidate to run in the general election

A presidential election is won by the candidate who receives a majority of the electoral votes in the U.S. Electoral College.

President Reagan and Vice President Bush in 1984: 525 electoral votes (out of 538) Walter Mondale and Geraldine Ferraro got 10 votes from Mondale's home state of Minnesota and 3 votes from D.C., which has never cast a vote for a Presidential candidate who wasn't of the Democratic Party.

Electoral votes in the Electoral College determine the President of the United States. The electors are elected by popular vote in each state and each candidate for elector swears in advance whom he will vote for.

People vote for a presidential candidate during a presidential election, which happens every four years. Registered voters are allowed to vote in elections.

Like most states, Illinois is a "winner-take-all" state. Whichever ticket (presidential candidate and his/her running mate) receives a simple majority of the popular votes within the state gets all 20 of Illinois' electoral votes.

If neither candidate reaches 270, it goes to the House.

Since the 2008 Democratic Presidential candidate, Barack Obama, is from Illinois, his state has 21 electoral votes.

A presidential candidate currently needs 270 electoral votes to win the election and become President of the United States of America.

if you mean electoral, then 270 votes out of 538 total.

only if he/she receives votes from more than half of the appointed electors

In the U. S. Presidential Election of 1912, Progressive Party candidate Theodore Roosevelt received 88 votes while Republican Party candidate and incumbent President William Howard Taft received eight votes. Democratic Party candidate Woodrow Wilson won with 435 votes.

The amount of electoral votes a candidate will get in Virginia is decided by a primary ballot. Virginia is not a caucus state.

Kentucky determines how many votes each candidate gets by the popular vote.

Like most states, Minnesota gives 100% of its electoral votes to the winner of the popular vote in the state.

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