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How does Mr Stryver use Mr Carton?

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Carton is like the brains of Stryver.

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Q: How does Mr Stryver use Mr Carton?
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In A Tale of Two Cities who is Mr Carton?

Mr. Carton is the assistant to Mr. Stryver, the attorney in the trial of Charles Darnay.

What words does dickens use to describe stryver and carton?

what words does dickens use to describe stryver and carton? a tale of two cities

What words does Dickens use to describe Stryver and Carton in A Tale of Two Cities?

Stryver is a lion and Carton is a jackal.

What does stryver call carton?

Stryver calls Carton "Memory."

What does Dickens compare Stryver and Carton to in A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens?

A Lion and a Jackel. Stryver being the lion for ordering the Jackel around (Carton). Example: When Stryver and Carton are working and drinking punch, Stryver always makes Carton get it for him.

In Tale of Two Cities what does carton actually do for stryver?

Sydney Carton works with Stryver. He is the person who actually does all the work but Stryver gets all the credit.

Why does Stryver call attention to his learned friend Mr Carton?

because ms cartoon learned that his friend wasnt who she thought it was which came that stryver discovered mr and ms. cartoon were bangin, which came to the conclusion that mr cartoon is gay.

In A Tale of Two Cities who is Mr Stryver?

C.J. Stryver is a successful lawyer who is a selfish and ambitious man. He employs Carton and defends Darnay in England. he was a bashful man

What does carton do for stryver in A Tale of Two Cities?

Stryver advises Carton to get married and start living his life like he should intend of sitting idle.

Who is the fellow of delicacy you in Tale of Two Cities?

The fellow of delicacy is Sydney Carton. Sydney Carton is also called the "Jackal", while is friend, Mr. Stryver is called the "Lion."

What name does stryver call carton?

He calls him Memory and Jackal

What does carton actually do for stryver?

sit in the court meetings with him and drink with him

What did Mr Stryver do on his way to propose to Lucie Manette?

Mr. Stryver stopped by Tellson's Bank to talk to Mr. Lorry.

How is stryver selfish?

Stryver is an ambitious Lawyer who although he wins the court cases with his mouth, he is too lazy to think of strategys himself to win a case and relies too much on his team partner Sydney Carton who does the observing. Whilst defending Charles Darnay in court, Carton throws a note to Stryver to mention the similarity bewteen Carton and Darnay to which Stryver does so. When Darnay is released, Stryer takes all the credit for the victory and does not even mention Carton.

Why does MR Stryver want to marry Lucie?

Stryver wants to climb the social ladder and gain social status. I know in the book that it says he's not, but he is lying to Carton, and is basically marrying Lucie for what we would call a "trophy wife"

What does stryver call carton in A Tale of Two Cities?

His memory and jackal

What were CJ Stryver and Sydney Carton drinking while they were talking?


What was the relationship between Sydney carton and c j Stryrer in A Tale of Two Cities?

CJ Stryver is the "lion" and argues the cases in the trial. Sydney Carton is the "jackal" and does all the brainwork in the trial. CJ Stryver has a boatload of confidence and Sydney Carton has almost none.

What happened to carton and stryver over the years?

Carton died at the guillotine because he switched places with Darnay. Stryver got married to a rich widow and had 3 kids. I think the question is asking what paths do their lives take, separately and with respect to each other. Stryver is a success, and uses his abilities well. Carton is a failure, though his abilities are greater than Stryver's and he knows it. That is why he works out the strategy for defending Darnay but Stryver is the one who implements it.

What did CJ Stryver tell Sydney Carton?

he intended to Mary lucie manette

Which of these characters married a rich widow who had three boys in A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens A Charles Darnay B C J Stryver C Mr Jarvis Lorry D Sydney Carton E Jerry Cruncher?

Stryver, the attorney.StryverOld Foulon. He also had a farm. And ate some grass.

Jessica What did CJ Stryver tell Sydney Carton?

he intended to marry Lucie Manette

How does stryver react to the certainty that his suit for lucie will fail?

Mr. Stryver waved it off as if it was nothing.

What did sydney carton do after he woke up at the tavern?

he went to the office of c.j. stryver to do some work

Why does Stryver suggest to Carton that Carton consider finding a wife himself?

to suck D