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Even psychiatrists can't answer this question. A narcissist has a deep core in them that is extremely complex (many things in one) and their behavior is usually learned from their environment (family.) Example: A young man or woman growing up can be over-shadowed by a mother/father that never lets him/her grow up, or a cruel mother/father or one that deserts him/her, thus, he/she begins to hate the opposite sex.

A Narcissist is about control and therefore when a woman/man speaks of love for them the Narcissist feels owned or possessed and they don't like the feeling because they need that total control. Narcissist almost always choose submissive type personalities (easier to control and play head games with.) This DOES NOT mean that a shy or loving mate of a Narcissist is weak at all. The Narcissist is simply the preditor and the victim is their prey.

Some Narcissists can hate women or vice-versa with a vengence, but then again, many men/women can hate the opposite sex and not be a Narcissist. Some Narcissists adore women and really try to have a normal relationship, but of course it always fails because of the control issue.

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Q: How does Narcissism relate to misogyny which is the hatred of and desire to control women?
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How do you spell misogyny?

That is the correct spelling of "misogyny" (hatred of women).

Misogyny in a sentence?

Misogyny is the hatred of, contempt for, or prejudice against women or girls.

What is the term for the hatred of women?


What is an Antonym for misogyny?

Misogyny is the hatred of women. There is no term for the antonym. A philanderer is someone who flirts with women, hence, loves women. ::actually, the antonym for misogyny is philogyny - the admiration of women.::: :::misandry, the hatred of men

What is a sentence using the word misogyny?

(The word "misogyny" means a hatred or dislike of women.) The killer's misogyny was attributed to his abuse by the aunts who raised him.

What is it when you dislike either gender?

Hatred of women is called misogyny and hatred of men is called misandry.

What is the definition for a man who hates women?

Misogyny - The hatred of a girls and woman.

If misogyny is the hatred of women and misogynist is a MAN who hates women-per OED-what's the appropriate word for the hatred of men and women who hate men. And NOT the words misandry or misandrist.?

Those are the right words. Misogyny = hatred of women (from either women or men) Misandry = hatred of men (ditto) Misanthropy = hatred of humankind Misogyny comes from the same root as gynaecology, and misandry from the same root as androids (artificial men).

What do you call a man that hates women?

misogyny - hatred of women

Synonym for misogyny?

Misogyny is a hatred of Woman So Synonyms would be along the lines of Woman Hater Hater of Woman Detester of females etc

What is the term for man-hatred?

It's based on the root (andr-) of the Greek word for man, just as the term misogyny is based on the root (gyn-) of the Greek word for woman. If you meant hatred for mankind, that's misanthropy.

What is the word for 'woman haters'?

Misogynists. A misogynist is a person who hates women. Hatred of women (as a noun) is called misogyny. A misandrist is a person who hates men. Hatred of men (as a noun) is called misandry.

What is misogyny?

Misogyny means hatred of women, but is sometimes used to mean despising women or considering them to be less than men - or even less than human.Certain people, and certain cultures, are therefore misogynistic.

What does massagenous mean?

Correct spelling: Misogynous.Meaning of misogyny:mi·sog·y·ny/məˈsäjənē/Noun:The hatred of women by men: "struggling against thinly disguised misogyny".

What happens if you break the Buddhism values?

According to the Buddha suffering will continue unless you overcome the three poisons of; desire, hatred and ignorance.

What is the word for women who hate men?

Just as misogyny is 'hatred of women', so misandryis defined as 'hatred of men' - so a misandrist would be one who hates man... These terms apply whether the person being described is male or female.

What is a sentence for misogyny?

Before using it, a definition: it refers to hatred of, or prejudice against women. A person who is one is a misogynist. And now, a sentence: Many of the first women lawyers encountered misogyny from male judges, who said women were too emotional, not intelligent enough, or that God did not want them to practice law. (Not making this up, by the way. When Myra Bradwell tried to become a lawyer in 1870, the Illinois Supreme Court denied her application, saying that women were too delicate and were thus unsuited for law or for any other profession except being a wife and mother. I enclose the link to Myra Bradwell's story, if you want to read about misogyny in the old days.)

What is a literary device used in fire and ice by Robert Frost?

symbolism fire represents desire, and ice represents our hatred

What do you call someone who is scared of gay people?

The word is homophobe, which is also used for people who express hatred of gay people or desire their rights to be limited/removed.

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How did the KKK try to control African-Americans?

Through fear. The KKK tried and tries to dominate through fear and hatred.

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As near as I can tell, there isn't a name for it.The Greek prefix miso- means hatred (as in misogyny, hatred of women). But misophobia is listed as an alternate spelling for mysophobia, which is a fear of dirt.The closest I can come is sociophobia, which is a fear of people in general. There's also athazagoraphobia, which is the fear of being ignored or forgotten, and xenophobia, fear of strangers.

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hatred is a disease and love is its cure

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synonym for hatred arguments disagreements dislikes