How does Netflix works?

Hello! First of all, I have Netflix and think it is great! How works, is that you join, you will either have to call a number, or just join online. You will pay a small fee of $5.99 a month, or whatever they charge, then, once you have an account, you can search whatever movie, or movies, you want. Netflix has a HUGE variety of movies, I would say almost all movies! You click "Order" or whatver it has, and it will send your movie in the mail to the address you put in when you joined Netflix. Your movie comes in the mail. You can keep your DVD as long as you want - even a YEAR! It will come in iwth a return envalope, and you send it back in the mail. You can even make a list of movies you want to rent! EXAMPLE: You choose 4 movies, only 1 movie can come in the mail at a time. You return that 1 movie, and the next DVD on your list will automaticly come straigth in the mail, then you return it whenever you are done with the movie, then the next movie on your list comes in! You can also watch some movies right on your computer or PC. It will stream and you can watch them in less than 5 seconds without even buffering in between. Hope I helped, Sorry it`s a bit long, hah. B.