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Most "no fault" laws apply only to injuries, so in other words, if someone else damages your car, you can get the damages taken care of by their insurance company (or use your ins company and they will go to them for you possibly).

Michigan is the only state I know of that is completely no fault, i.e. for property damage you go through your own insurance company

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If a driver has no insurance but drives a car covered by no fault gets into an accident will the owner of the car be able to file a claim with his insurance company?

No fault laws refer to injuries only not property damage. If you have comprehensive and collision coverage on your vehicle the damage to your car will be repaired subject to your deductible, unless the driver is excluded from your policy. For the driver's injuries if he does not own a vehicle then the personal injury protection on your policy will cover his injuries, once again subject to any exclusions.

Does car have to be in your name to file a claim when someone hit you?

If you are injured in a crash, regardless who is at fault you may claimIf you are the at fault driver and injured the insurance for the car you are driving may or may NOT cover your injuries.If you are not the owner of either auto you may not claim for damage to either vehicle, only the owner of the vehicle may do that.

What are your rights when you are injured in a rollover in a company vehicle?

If the rollover was your fault - only workman's compensation. If the fault of another vehicle or because of a proveable mechanical defect with YOUR company's vehicle, you are eligible to bring suit for whatever damages or injuries you may have incurred as a result of the rollover.

Will insurance cover the cost of a claim if your vehicle is unregistered and im at fault?

The registration of the vehicle has really nothing to do with the insurance. If you have valid insurance at the time of the accident, then you will have coverage for the type of coverages on your policy. If you only had liability, then the other parties vehicle will be covered as well as injuries of the other party. Your car will not be fixed under liability, you have to have physical damage coverage for your vehicle to be repaired.

If the primary owner is involved in an accident can the cosigner be held liable for personal or property damage?

I am not an attorney but to my understanding, yes they can!! The other party just has to prove your at fault. For instance, you co-signed which allowed the primary to get the vehicle which did the damage without you the primary couldn't of gotten the loan and therefore it is your fault. The only way you might not be at fault is if you are not named as a registered owner of the vehicle.

You wrecked your friends car it was your fault they had no insurance nor do you what type of insurance do you need that will cover you when you drive some else's car?

You can buy a "Non-owners" or a "Named Operator" policy that will cover the damage you cause to the other party for injuries or property damage to the other vehicle. The only way to cover damage to the vehicle you are driving is to have the owner of the purchase a traditional auto insurance policy, with comprehensive and collision coverage, and then list you as a driver on their policy.

Can a passenger in an uninsured vehicle that was at fault sue the driver of the vehicle that was hit?

Only if the other driver was at fault. If the driver of the uninsured vehicle was at fault, the injured person would have to recover damages from them.

How does no fault auto insurance work if you hit a parked car?

No Fault insurance ONLY deals with medical injuries to you if you are driving. No Fault has nothing to do with property damage liability. If you hit a parked car, then your Property Damage Liability coverage would pay to repair the parked car and your own Collision coverage (if you have's optional) would pay to repair your car.

If a vehicle is stolen and is only covered by PLPD will the insurance company pay for the loss?

You must have comprehensive coverage in order to recover on a claim from your insurance company if your vehicle is stolen. Liability only is just that, liability for your legal liability for damage or injuries to others.

If a tire blows out on my vehicle and the only damage is to my vehicle and the passengers in it What if any will my North Carolina liability insurance pay out?

you are saying you only have liability? will cover nothing on your vehicle. if your passengers were injured (baring any exclusion) you liab. coverage will cover their injuries assuming you were negligent in some way....

If you are hit from behind while waiting at a red light and your car hits the car in front of you who is at fault?

Given just these facts, the only person at fault is the one who hit you from behind. They or their insurance are responsible for all resulting damage and injuries. Make them pay.

Does plpd insurance cover the replacement cost of the other car if you hit someones car from behind and totaled it?

Property damage within your auto policy will cover any damage you may cause from an accident. Liability is for any medical attention they may need. PLPD INSURANCE IS STANDARD MINIMUM COVERAGE THAT PROTECTS YOUR VEHICLE IN THE CASE OF AN AT FAULT ACCIDENT, HENCE WHY IT IS MANDATORY. NO-FAULT LAWS ALLOW COVERAGE FROM YOUR OWN INSURANCE COMPANY TO COVER YOUR OWN VEHICLE. IF YOU WERE NOT AT FAULT IN AN ACCIDENT (SOUNDS LIKE YOU WERE IN THIS ONE) THERE WOULD BE COVERAGE FOR YOUR VEHICLE REPAIR/REPLACEMENT. THE OTHER DRIVER'S VEHICLE WILL BE COVERED UNDER THEIR OWN POLICY. YOUR POLICY WORKS FOR YOU ONLY. * Comprehensive pays for damage to your car from vandalism and Acts of God (hail, flood, falling trees, gravel thrown by traffic) and Collision pay for damages to your car when it collides with anything (another car, tree, road sign) if you are at fault. Personal Liability (PL) pays for injuries you cause and Property Damage (PD) pays for damage you cause to another person's property. If the other party is at fault, their insurance pays.

What happens if you hit an an uninsured motorists and you only have liability?

If the accident is your fault, your liability coverage will pay for the other person's damages. You will be out of luck as no coverage will be afforded for the damages to your vehicle or any injuries to you or your passengers.

Whose insurance pays in PA a no fault state when you hit an illegally parked car in a parking lot?

Yours, because the question is ... even though that car was illegally parked, what type of driving were you doing that caused you to hit it? No fault only applies to injuries. Property damage is the responsibility of the at fault driver.

Does owner take liability for damage to tenants personal property?

Only if the damage is the fault of the landlord.

Is a trucker responsible for damage resulting from a big rock or product that falls off the truck and injures or does damage to another vehicle or person?

The trucker or his insurance carrier is. Not only that, a trucker can and is responsible for the safety of the load he is carrying and can be criminally liable for injuries and damage caused by his negligence.

Are you responsible for paying the deductible if the accident was in a work vehicle?

only if it was your fault

If your vehicle was damaged but not totaled can you request that the insurance company replace it with a new vehicle if the accident was not your fault?

Fault in the accident is not a consideration. Normally the insurance company or the at fault driver is responsible only for repairing your vehicle and providing you with a rental car. While this may not be entirely fair, it is the system and you agreed to it when you chose to drive. Some states do have a provision that a vehicle must be totaled if the damage exceeds a certain percentage of the total value of the auto. YOur best resource is your insurance agent. lwpat

Does liability insurance cover towing for the insurer?

Liability insurance only covers damage you did to the other vehicles, property, and persons. It does not cover any damage to your vehicle or yourself. Towing your vehicle would only be required if it was damaged, so your liability insurance won't cover it (but the other person's liability might depending on the actual findings of fault).

If you back into a car that is also backing up who is at fault?

Very possibly it will be determined that both parties will share the faulty which is the worse case for everyone. What happens then is that if the companies determine that each is 50% at fault it means each company will have to pay for their owners damage. The problems with this is if one has liability only then there will be no repairs of the damage to their vehicle.

If you are in an accident and it is your fault does your insurance pay for both cars?

No lovey not if your the one at fault... Insurance only covers the other person if your at fault sorry honey..... It depends on what insurance coverage you have. The liability coverage that all states require you to carry on any registered vehicle will cover the other person's damage. If you also purchased collision insurance, that will pay for your vehicle (less the deductable).

In North Carolina if you have liability coverage only and you damage a friend's car while driving it with their permission are you considered an uninsured driver by your friend's insurance company?

No. If you are driving a vehicle with someone's permission, they assume the risk of letting you drive it and therefore their insurance company also assumes the risk. Under the policy contract, you would be considered an 'insured' because you had permission to use the vehicle. If you were responsible for the damage to your friend's vehicle and the accident was your fault, the only coverage to file would be Collision Coverage. Uninsured motorist is a coverage that would pay for damages to your friend's vehicle if you had been involved in a hit and run accident in which the unknown driver is at fault or if the other driver is known, is at fault and does not have insurance.

Who is at fault when a vehicle loses control on a freeway due to a faulty tire and goes over to your lane and collides with you?

The police were probably called onto the scene, and since you now know it was a faulty tire the other driver may be at fault for "negligence" (not keeping his vehicle in good condition and not replacing a faulty tire(s). However, it could get sticky. A friend of mine got brand new tires for his truck and went on vacation. One tire blew (thank God he and his wife were fine) but the damage to the truck was extensive (tire blew up under the firewall causing damage) and he is suing the tire company. So, this may be the case. The other driver's tire(s) may have beejust fine, but he had a faulty tire. It's best to get a lawyer if you have sustained injuries or were thrown around in the car. Injuries can take months to show up and permanent injuries can cause problems down the road. * The driver of the vehicle that crossed the lane is at fault for the purpose of insurance and court. The driver of that vehicle may be able to get damages from the manufacturer of the tire but the innocent victim need only deal with the insurance company of the vehicle that lost control.

Is a minor hit and run no damage no injuries a felony?

It depends largely on where the accident happened. However, in most US states it is only a felony if there was injuries or serious damage to property, otherwise it is a misdemeanor.

In an accident if there is no damage to your vehicle but theirs is damaged do you pay a deductible?

No. The deductible only applies to your vehicle.