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It is on how the majority vote goes

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Q: How does Ohio determine how many electoral votes each candidate will get?
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Related questions

How are electoral votes determined in the state of Ohio?

Whichever ticket (whichever presidential candidate and his/her running mate) receives a simple majority of the popular votes in Ohio receives all 18 of Ohio's votes.

What is the Ohio's number of electoral votes?

Ohio has 18 electoral votes

How many electoral votes did Ohio have in the last presidential election?

Ohio had 20 electoral votes.

How many states can a candidate lose and still win the election?

When referring to the Electoral College and Presidential elections, a candidate can win by taking: California (55 electoral votes) Texas (28 electoral votes) Florida (29 electoral votes) New York (29 electoral votes) Illinois (20 electoral votes) Pennsylvania (20 electoral votes) Ohio (18 electoral votes) Georgia (16 electoral votes) Michigan (16 electoral votes) New Jersey (15 electoral votes) Virginia (14 electoral votes) - a total of 11 states for 270 electoral votes which means a candidate can lose the other 39 states and District of Columbia and still win the election.

How many electoral votes did Ohio have in the 2008 election?

how many electoral votes did ohio have in 2008 election

Why are states like Ohio and Florida so important in the electoral college?

Because they both have so many electoral votes. Ohio has 18 electoral votes. Florida has 29 electoral votes.

How many electoral votes did McCain win in Ohio?

0. McCain did not win any electoral votes in Ohio in 2008. He lost Ohio's 20 electoral votes to Obama by only receiving 2,674,491 votes to Obama's 2,933,388 votes.

How many electoral votes does Ohio have?

Ohio has 18 electoral votes for 2020, two less than in 2008.

How much electrol votes does Ohio have?

Ohio has 18 electoral votes.

How is the Electoral College a winner-take all system?

In each state (except Maine and Nebraska), the winner of that state takes all of that state's electoral votes. For example, Ohio has 18 Electoral Votes. If the Republican candidate would win a mere 51% of all the people's votes, then all 18 of the state's electoral votes would be given to the Republican candidate. This can result in a President being elected who did not actually receive as many votes as another candidate. It is theoretically possible for the a candidate to win by just one vote in the 11 largest states and get no votes at all in the other 39 states and DC and still win the election.

How many elctroal votes in Ohio?

Ohio has 18 electoral votes. The number of electoral votes is based on the number of representatives the state has in the Senate and House of Representatives.

Why does Ohio have less electoral votes than in 2008?

The number of electoral votes for Ohio was reduced based on population changes revealed by the 2010 census. The population of Ohio did not increase as much as the population of the states that gained or keep the same number of electoral votes .

Why does ohio have so many electoral votes?

The electoral college is based on the population of each state. Ohio had 10 electoral votes based on that states population in 2010.

How many delegates does Ohio have in electoral college?

Ohio has 20 electoral college votes

How many electoral votes did Barack Obama receive in Ohio?

Obama won Ohio's 20 electoral votes receiving 2,933,388 votes to 2,674,491 votes for McCain in 2008.

How many electoral votes did Donald Trump get from Ohio?

Donald Trump received 18 electoral votes, receiving 2,841,005 votes to Hillary Clinton's 2,394,164 votes, winning Ohio.

How many electoral votes did Hillary Clinton get from Ohio?

Hillary Clinton received 0 of 18 electoral votes, receiving 2,394,164 votes to Donald Trump's 2,841,005 votes, losing Ohio.

What is the minimum number of states a candidate needs in order to win the Electoral College?

It is not the number of states, but the number of electoral votes. 270 votes are necessary. You can reach that number by winning the electoral votes of California, New York,, Texas, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Washington, Virginia, Tennessee, Illinois, and Michigan - 10 states.There are eleven states whose electoral votes total 270, the minimum required to win an election. They are, in alphabetical order,California (55 votes)Florida (29 votes)Georgia (16 votes)Illinois (20 votes)Michigan (16 votes)North Carolina (15 votes)New Jersey (14 votes)New York (29 votes)Ohio (18 votes)Pennsylvania (20 votes)Texas (38 votes)

How many electoral votes would a candidate get if he won Pennsylvania New York California Texas and Florida?

In the current electoral college - which will be used in the 2012, 2016 and 2020 elections - a candidate would have a combined total of 171 votes if he or she won the above states. This would put them 99 votes short of a majority. In order to reach the threshold for election, the candidate would need to also win Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, Georgia, New Jersey, Virginia and Washington, based on the pattern of winning only the largest states. This would give the candidate 282 electoral votes from 12 of 50 states.

Who won the electoral votes in Ohio?


What is a winner take all state?

A "winner take all" state is a state in which the candidate with the most votes carries all of the electoral college votes from that state. Most states in the US are "winner take all", including California, Ohio and New York. There are a few states that divide their populations into districts or regions. The candidate with the most votes in each district or region gets the electoral college votes assigned to that district or region. In this model, it is possible for several candidates to each win one or more electoral college votes. Nebraska has this system - there are currently three regions with one electoral college vote each; however, in practice generally all three electoral college votes are won by the same candidate.

How many electoral votes did Obama win in Ohio 2008?

20 votes

Why do you vote for president when the electoral college picks the president?

The electoral college only awards votes if the candidate has in fact won the popular votes in that state. So you really can't have one without the other. The problem is that some states are treated as more important-- they have more electoral votes. So it is still possible to win a number of states and lose the presidency, if all the states you won were smaller states with few electoral votes. That is why so much of the focus of the 2008 and 2012 elections were on the states which have a large number of electoral votes, such as Florida and Ohio.

What state lost the most electoral votes in 2010?

Based on the 2010 census New York and Ohio lost two electoral votes each.

What state has the greatest number of electoral votes?