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The same size as all the continents combined


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Yes the pacific ocean is bigger than the Arctic ocean the size of the pacific ocean is 155,557,000 square kilometers and the size of the Arctic ocean is 14,056,00 square kilometers! hope it helps!

The size of Asia is 44.5 million square kilometers while the size of the Pacific Ocean is 169.2 million square kilometers. Pacific Ocean is 3.7 times bigger than Asia.

The large land masses are called continents and The large water bodies are called oceans.There are 7 continents and 4 major oceans. The Oceans:(in size) The Pacific Oceans, The Atlantic Ocean, The Indian Ocean and The Artic Oceans. The Continents:(in size) Asia,Africa,North America,South America,Antartica,Europe and Australia. Answer written by Zainab Zubair Malol

The Pacific Ocean is the world's largest, in area. It is much larger than the Atlantic Ocean.

The Pacific is twice the size of the Atlantic.

The Pacific Ocean would be approaching 3 times the size of the Indian Oean, but not quite. The Pacific Ocean is the largest ocean in the world at 155,557,000 sq km. The Indian Ocean is the third largest ocean in the world at 68,556,000 sq km.

*The Atlantic Ocean is in fact increasing in size while the Pacific Ocean is slowly decreasing in size.

The total size of the Pacific Ocean is larger than all of the land mass in the world put together. The size of the Pacific Ocean is estimated at 63.8 million square miles and has a total volume of 714 million cubic kilometers. This represents 50.1% of all of the world's oceanic water.

No. The Pacific Ocean is 165,200,000 km² whereas the Atlantic Ocean is 106,400,000 km². This makes the Pacific Ocean 1.5 times larger than the Atlantic Ocean.

8,536,716 km (3,296,044 sq mi) is the area size of the Pacific Ocean (Oceania).

The Arctic Ocean is the smallest ocean. It Is one tenth the size of the Pacific ocean.

The Pacific Ocean is twice as large as the Atlantic Ocean.

Yes. By size, the oceans are Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, and Arctic. *If using the designation Southern Ocean, the order is Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, Southern, and Arctic.

the Indian ocean, the pacific ocean and so on........

The ring of fire is in the Pacific Ocean and its like an outlining of the ocean and the continents; it goes into Japan, Australia, California, Alaska, etc. There is high volcanic activity and earthquakes around the Ring Of Fire. The ring of fire is caused by the fact that the Pacific ocean is being destroyed. The plate margins round the Pacific tectonic plate are all destructive margins (the continents are moving slowly to shrink the size of the Pacific). These destructive margins take sea floor material back into the earth where some of it melts to produce the ring of volcanoes.

Europe is the second smallest continent.

From Largest to Smallest: Pacific Ocean Atlantic Ocean Indian Ocean Arctic Ocean

In the Pacific Ocean there is an island made of trash it is around the size of Texas 🙁

No Ocean is really warmer, it just depends on the latitude. But the Pacific has a larger size, so it is warmer than the Atlantic on average.

The largest ocean in the world is Pacific Ocean. Based on size it is followed by the Atlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean, Southern Ocean and the Arctic Ocean. The U.S. is bordered by the Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean and the Arctic Ocean. It is not bordered by the Indian Ocean or the Southern Ocean.

the Atlantic is larger than the Indian Ocean this is the order in size::: The Pacific, Atlantic, Indian and the Arctic Ocean

The pacific, it says so in my text book

Because it is. There is no reason or purpose to the size of each ocean. What we call it doesn't change what it is, has been and will be.

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