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In the 1970's South Africa was one of the richest countries in the world with a large economy South Africa produced the most gold, diamonds and coal of all countries in the world, it had a minus inflation the ZAR currency was 0.32 ZAR to 1 USD 1 ZAR was 3.03 US dollar then there is agriculture South Africa was feeding the whole of Africa and some other countries in the world

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Q: How does South Africa make their money?
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How much money does a firefighter in South Africa make?

How much do firefighters earn in South Africa

What opportunities that can help make south Africa a manufacturing trading nation?

it can make money from exports

Where is money gram South Africa?

no money gran in africa

How much money does South Africa make in an average year?

two trillion dollars

How much do counseling Psychologists earn in South Africa?

The amount of money that counselling psychologists make in South Africa varies depending on level of experience mostly. The average salary is about 132,000 South African rand.

How much money does assistant designers in South Africa get paid?

They get paid a real nice sum of money, designing in africa is a nice way to earn money let alone South Africa.

How much money does an doctor in South Africa make?

The average yearly salary for a doctor in private practice in South Africa is R402,238 per year. This is equal to $37,650 US dollars.

What kind of money do they use in Newcastle South Africa?

Newcastle, South Africa, uses the South African Rand.

In addition to gold and diamonds what does South Africa export?

the answer is they sell Nike Sb's and that's how they make their money.

What kind of money does South Africa have?

South African Rand.

What does south Africa call money?

The South African Rand.

How much money does a registered nurse make in south Africa?

The nurse get around 25000- 30000rps per month.

Does South Africa make diamonds?

No. Diamonds are mined in South Africa.

What type of money do they use in South Africa?

South Africans, officially known as the Republic of South Africa, use the currency rands. The official languages in South Africa are Afrikaans, as well as English.

What money do they have in South Africa?

The unit of currency in South Africa is the RAND.One rand is divided into one hundred cents.

In South Africa hdfc bank branch list?

hdfc south africa branch we money transfer

What is South African money called in french?

the money of South Africa is called the rand in French also.

What countries make up South Africa?

South Africa is a country on its own.

What kind of money do they use in South Africa?

The type of money used in South Africa is rand. One South African rand is worth only $0.093. However, the exchange rate is constantly changing.

What form of money is used you in south Africa?

The South African Rand

Where did south africa get their money?

They got their money from the discovery of gold and diamonds.

Can you send money from iran to south africa via money gram?


What is South Africa's money?

Rands (ZAR)

The name of South Africa's money?

the rand

How do they say money in south Africa?