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Q: How does Vicodin affect tourettes syndrome?
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Related questions

How does Tourettes affect the nervous system?

tourettes affect the nervous system because tourette syndrome is a condition that affects a person's central nervous system and causes tics.Also, tourette syndrome is a neurological condition, which means it's a condition of the nervous system

What systems does tourettes syndrome attack?

Tourettes Syndrom is a condition in the Nervous System

How many people in the US have tourettes syndrome?

Over 100,000 (one hundred thousand) people have Tourettes Syndrome in the United States of America Over 100,000 (one hundred thousand) people have Tourettes Syndrome in the United States of America

Can tourettes syndrome be prevented?

no, it's hereditary

What type of mutation is tourettes syndrome?


Can a person outgrow tourettes syndrome?

yes, but it is rare

Can females get tourettes syndrome?

Yes, the syndrome isn't confined to either gender only.

What is David Beckham's disability?

tourettes syndrome along with OCD

How does Tourettes Syndrome affect families?

Tourettes syndrome can affect families to an extreme. A child with tourette's is often accompanied with anxiety and extreme obsessions. In my families case my older brother has an extreme case of Tourette's which has made him scared to leave our house. It has put great pressure on my parents and has forced them to completely alter the way they live their lives. Constant fighting and a hate towards our brother is what has come out of this. Sorry if this answer is not the happy answer you were looking for. Just speaking the truth.

Is this the correct was to spell tourettes?

Yes, 'tourettes' is correct.--- Not if you refer to the syndrome. Then it is spelled Tourette's

What is the cure for Tourrettes syndrome?

see tourrettes is a syndrome that is very unusual because people can't help what they say when they have tourrettes syndrome there is no cure for tourettes syndrome.

What is tourettes syndrome and did Mozart have it?

Tourette Syndrome is a neurological disorder that can cause behaviorial outbursts and has no permanent cure and no Mozart did not have Tourette Syndrome he had ADHD.

Is Tourettes syndrome sex-linked?

No, Tourette's syndrome is not sex-linked. It can be passed on from anyone, and anyone can receive the disease.

Is tourette syndrome a mutation?

scientist have found that there might be a mutation gene in a person with tourettes syndrome, but it is still unknown

Does Tourettes Guy really have Tourettes?

No, he does not have tourette's Syndrome nor did he die, he is an actor (poor taste as the acting and subject of the acting may be), but only an actor.

Does Dustin pedroia have tourettes syndrome?

does dustin pedroia have facial tics

Could I possibly have tourettes syndrome?

That depends if you are showing any of the symptoms.

Is tourettes communicable?

No, tourette syndrome is not a communicable disease; it is an inherited disorder.

Does Taylor Swift have tourettes syndrome?

no she does certainly NOT

Is Cephalexin used for Tourette Syndrome?

Yes. It can be used for Tourettes or vaginal infections.

What is the name of the disease where you can't stop swearing?

I think its called Tourettes syndrome

Does vicodin affect the contraceptive implant?

Vicodin does not affect the contraceptive implant.

How did tourettes syndrome get its name?

Tourette Syndrome got its name from Dr. George Gilles de la Tourette who was a neurologist living in France.

Who are the tourettes guy band?

The "Tourettes Guy" is a viral video off of Youtube who makes jokes and satirizes Tourette's syndrome, a medical problem in which it's carriers have strong mental disruptions.

Can tourettes syndrome kill someone?

It doesn't kill physically you should read the wikipedia thing on it