How does Wailea compare to other Hawaiin resort areas on Maui?

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2007-04-24 19:15:52

Wailea Resort is a 1,500 acre, master-planned resort located on

Maui's sunny, southern coast. Its development is guided by two

important documents: a master plan that ensures low density and

good community planning, and the Wailea Community Association's

[ design guidelines], which help

preserve Maui's elegant island environment in all new building

projects. As a result of this commitment to excellence in planning

and design, Wailea was named one of the country's 99 Best

Recreational & Residential Private Communities in America. Many

of Wailea's single-family and condominium complexes offer gated

entryways for enhanced security and privacy. Utilities are buried

underground, and roadways are landscaped. Nearby are Wailea's many

amenities, including superb restaurants, championship golf courses,

tennis facilities, shopping, and beaches. See links to the right

for more Wailea info! Wailea is the name of a town, it's located on

Maui. Wailea is higher end when it comes to the types of resorts it

has. Maui has some lower prices resorts that are not high rise.

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