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Wailea Resort is a 1,500 acre, master-planned resort located on Maui's sunny, southern coast. Its development is guided by two important documents: a master plan that ensures low density and good community planning, and the Wailea Community Association's [ design guidelines], which help preserve Maui's elegant island environment in all new building projects. As a result of this commitment to excellence in planning and design, Wailea was named one of the country's 99 Best Recreational & Residential Private Communities in America. Many of Wailea's single-family and condominium complexes offer gated entryways for enhanced security and privacy. Utilities are buried underground, and roadways are landscaped. Nearby are Wailea's many amenities, including superb restaurants, championship Golf courses, tennis facilities, shopping, and beaches. See links to the right for more Wailea info! Wailea is the name of a town, it's located on Maui. Wailea is higher end when it comes to the types of resorts it has. Maui has some lower prices resorts that are not high rise.

2007-04-24 19:15:52
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Some of the most popular areas of Maui to stay include Kaanapali, Kapalua, Wailea and Kihei. Kaanapali and Kapalua are both located in West Maui, whereas Wailea and Kihei are both in South Maui. Which one is the "best" depends on what one is looking for. Kapalua and Wailea are generally considered more exclusive locales. Kaanapali also has some higher end properties, mind you, but Kapalua is still more upscale overall. Kihei is one of the best places for those who are looking for less expensive places to stay. Many people rent condos in Kihei since it is usually WAY less expensive relative to comparable lodgings in the resorts and hotels. Lastly, Kihei and Wailea are more centrally located, so one won't have to drive as far to get to attractions such as Iao Valley, Haleakala, the Maui Ocean Center etc. There are also more beaches within close proximity of Kihei and Wailea compared to the West Maui resort areas.

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