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The age at which a person may obtain employment differs by locality, but is largely governed by the federal child-labor laws. Many minors may obtain employment with an amenable employer by obtaining a work permit with parental approval. It is my understanding that this requires the employer to affirm in writing that the job exists, and that they will not exceed the permissible number of hours for the minor, or the number of days, or interfere with school; and, the anticipated pay-rate may be spelled out. Once all of the concerned parties are in agreement and the application is signed, the county clerk of the county in which the business is located can issue the permit FOR THAT EMPLOYER, FOR THAT EMPLOYEE, UNDER THE TERMS LISTED, AS APPROVED. Several copies are usually made, one of which is kept in the employer's files. This is, as best I can remember, the basic outline of how things are handled. Hope it helps. jb

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Q: How does a 12 year old girl get a car washing job?
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What is a job for a 9 year old?

Household chores, washing car.

Job for 12 year olds?

paper rounds, maybe car washing.

What is a good job for a 11 year girl. would it be a good job for washing a dog?

It is a good job for an 11 year old girl to wash a dog. but if you don't like dogs you shouldn't wash a dog.

Can 11 year old get a job for car washing?

11 year olds are not allowed to work in any country.

What job is best for a 12 year old girl?

Paper rounds usually or washing cars for their family

Where can a 15-year-old in Maryland get a job?

Check around your own neighborhood for prospective customers for your services of window-washing, pet-sitting, car-washing, and lawn-mowing.

Where can a 12 year old get a job in Clifornia?

Nowhere You have to go make a job..... car washing.. odd and end jobs Sorry

Where can a 14 year old girl find a job in Palm Harbor Florida?

in a hairdressers washing peoples hair,shop,babysitting

Can a 12 year old girl have a job a 12 year old?

Honestly, there are no jobs besides raking leaves, car washing, baby, pet, or house sitting, etc. Don't trust anyone who says Rosaures or Albertsons. Sorry. I hope that helps.

Where can a 13-year-old in Florida find a job?

baby sitting cutting grass washing car running errands for eldey or neighbors

Where can a 11 year old in houstontx get a job?

11 year olds can get jobs like washing the car ect or paper rounds do the trick to earn a little extra cash.

What job can a14 year old get?

Paper round, baby-sitting, car washing, car boot sales, that's all folks! Well, that's all I can be bothered to think up (a).

What can 12 year olds have a job as?

selling lemonade? yeah, I'm wondering that too. :) I'd personally say all though this is boring washing ..i earnt £33 by washing 4 cars.I want i proper job too though as i am 12 !

Where Can 16-Year-Olds Work For The Summer?

my first job was washing cars at a car lot. got a good tan, kept lean and made money

Can you get a job at 14?

Yes you can get a job at 14 but only jobs like babysitting, car washing, dog walking, ect.

What is a good paying job for a 13 year old?

Here's a list: Babysitting, car washing, paperboy, housework/yard work, helping elderly, or making something and selling it.

Where can a twelve year old find a good paying job?

Depending on which state you live in, you can work at a local hospital. Or you can start your own car washing business that should make you about $15-$20 a car.

What paying job's can a 13 year old do?

Do chores around the house, such as washing a pet, setting the table emptying the diswasher, mowing the lawn or washing the car. You could also ut flyers out around your neighborhood for pet sitting and babysitting etc.

Where can a 14 year old get a job in Guelph?

newspaper route, washing dishes at restaurants

What is a good job for an eleven year old girl?

babysitting job

What can a 15 year old girl do for a job in Michigan?

hand job

Where can a 14 year old girl get a job in Perth WA?

A 14 year old girl can get a job babysitting in Perth, Washington. She cannot get an official job until she turns 16.

Can ten year old girls get a job in Texas?

you could try car washing but if you wash strangers cars it might not be safe ask if neighbours need deeds doing or sell stuff

What work can a 14 year old girl do in the UK?

Well you can get a paper round, you need to go into your local newsagents or corner shop and ask them if they have paper rounds available. Also which is what i used to do as a teen is do some car washing for people i charged £4 pound a car and got a decent amount of money in a days work Good Luck Finding A job !

Where can a 13-year old get a job that isn't Mcdonalds how about like Gamestop?

you need to be 16 to work at gamestop sorry =( but try dog walking or car washing or something....sorry but there are shild labor laws you need to be 16 to work at gamestop sorry =( but try dog walking or car washing or something....sorry but there are shild labor laws