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How does a 14-year-old boy tell a friend he likes her?

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2008-09-06 15:13:29

Just spend time with her and them askk her out on a date. That's

what my boyfriend did. Wow, i never thought there is another like

me... Well, to be honest, i am not certain it will work. u jus dun

tell her yet, show her. den wait for a right moment, tell her. it

worked for my friens, but sadly not for me, tat girl was just too

into another boy:( You don't have to say, "I like you." But if you

do things together in a group and tend to be in her company, she'll

get the message. Tell her she's cool and you like being with her.

Is she at least 14? Because if she is 13, you may have a problem

with her parents. Even at 14 you should not be dating her without

at least two other couples in the group.

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