How does a 15 year old plan for her future wedding parties and wedding?

  • You didn't mention if you were considering marrying a boyfriend, or just having fun planning for a wedding in the future. If you are planning on getting married at 15 I highly suggest you think long and hard on this one. Marriage takes a lot of dedication and hard work and at 15 you simply haven't lived enough life to settle down into a marriage (which should last a lifetime.) If you persist you will get hurt! If you're having fun with just planning, then look through wedding magazines, but be warned, that what is in this year will be out the next year and so on. What you may want now, five to ten years from now you may have some totally different ideas. Get your education (you're going to need it) and there is so much to do and see in this world before settling down so meanwhile just have fun with the idea and go no further.