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As you've used the words "convince herself", I gather you are held back in some way and that you are perhaps emotionally conflicted and that this is a conflicted relationship seeing you've described mother as "oppressive". Without knowing more of your circumstances: 1. I would advise that you determine WHY you are residing with your mother and how this benefits one or both of you and how it does not. 2. Determine what it is that you find "oppressive" about this relationship and whether there is anything that you can do about it, particularly if you would prefer to continue to reside with your mother were the dynamics between you to change. Really, what you need to do is to examine *yourself*, your needs, your goals and your capabilities and then DECIDE what is most beneficial for you. Also, if you are inclined to move on and set some boundaries as an adult, then sit down and PLAN how you can make this a reality and write down the steps you need to take to enable you to move out.

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Q: How does a 31-year-old convince herself to move out and get away from an oppressive mother?
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