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How does a DC relay work?

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A DC relay is a relatively simple device that uses a single coil, normally wound round an iron core. When a voltage is applied, current flows through the coil and generates a magnetic field. As the magnetic field increases, a spring loaded lever is attracted to the core and moves the switch contacts from an "off" state to an "on" state.

The lever will be held in place as long as the current flows in the coil. When the coil current drops to zero, the magnetic field decays and the lever is released, the spring then pulls it back to it's off position.

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How does an AC relay work?

The same as a DC relay it's got a electro magnet that pulls the contactors open or close.

What types of magnet either permanent or electromagnetic for AC or DC relay?

What types of magnet either permanent or electromagnetic for AC and DC relay?"how DPDT relay works?

Ac relay and DC relay?

what is the meaning of ac relay and dc relay EDIT: a DC relay is simply a coil and core that pulls on an armature. An AC relay usually needs a shaded-pole core (couple of copper loops) to prevent the armature from vibrating at 60 cycles or so. The core, also, is laminated steel like a transformer; so is the armature to help contain the magnetic field. You should not substitute a DC rated relay for an AC , but the reverse should be ok, if voltage and current ratings are the same.

How does apfc relay work?

how the apfc relay work

Can DC series motor work on ac and DC and why?

A dc series motor can work on dc and ac because dc motors are totally reversible.

How Negative phase sequence relay work?

How Negative phase sequence relay work

Will a 6V DC 40amp relay fail if 12V 30amp is applied to it?

Probably...The 6V 40A relay figures out as 240Watts...The same relay at 12V 30A figures out as 360Watts.

Do diodes work in ac or DC or both?

ya it will work in both ac and dc

How do you Calculate the contact rating of relay for AC and DC?

On the side of the relay there is a name plate that tells you the current carrying capacity of the contacts. It gives you the ratings at different AC voltages and a DC rating of the contacts at different voltages.

How does auto transformer work with DC supply?

Transformers don't work with DC supplies - they only work on AC.

Why does a motor only work on DC?

Motors work on both DC and AC. It depends on their design.

Can a fan work on a DC voltage?

Yes, if the fan is designed to work on DC voltage, otherwise no.

Do transformers work on DC supply?

No, unless you have a pulsating DC

How do you connect the DC solid state relay?

Wire it as shown in the diagram at the link below.

Where does the congress work at?

they work in Washington DC

Can a rectifier work on DC?

Well, yes. But it isn't much needed as DC is already DC.

Does transistor work on AC or DC?

transistors work on dc not ac however they can have ac signalss fed into them

If fuel pump relay is bad will fuel pump still work?

If the relay is bad, then the fuel pump will not work.

Can potential transformers use a DC voltage?

No. They will not work correctly with DC.

How do you convert 12 volt 10 amps dc relay to 230 volt ac relay?

There is no way that you can convert a 12 VDC relay to a 230 VAC relay. Most relays when needed, are purchased with the correct coil voltage that is needed for the project.

Does the fuel pump work through a relay?

Yes, it is a fuel pump relay.

Can you use transformer for DC?

no,we cant use transformer in dc, but we can change the dc with help of switch (pulsating DC ) and connected to transformer. it will work

Why dc source is used for dc supply?

it is only work on it so that used

Can a motor work as a generator?

since the physical construction of a DC motor and DC generator is the same,it can work either other words,yes a DC motor can work as a DC generator(if you drive it by a primemover it will produce electricity).however its not possible with all AC motors.

When the ac is applied to relay what happened?

When current is applied to the windings of the relay, a magnetic field is created, and this will attract the moving part of the relay, which in turn may open or close other electrical contacts. A relay may be operated by either ac or dc according to its design.

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