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How does a DNS resolve an IP address?

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A DNS client "resolves" an IP address by sending a specially-formatted request to a DNS server. The client has to know the address of one or more DNS servers in advance. The reply from the server may be a direct reply with the IP address associated with the hostname, a referral to another DNS server, or a response indicating the requested name can't be found in DNS.

Typically, the request will ask the server to "recurse", i.e. if it cannot answer the question from it's own local memory, it should go ask other servers on behalf of the client. This behavior helps the local server build up it's own cache of addresses frequently looked up.

Another form of query is called iterative query, where a client machine sends request to a known DNS server , if that DNS server fail to resolve the domain name into a IP then the client sends the request to another DNS and this process goes on and on until it get the required IP resolution by sending sending address resolution request to all its known DNS.If every known DNS fail to give the IP, then client goes to the root domain.

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DNS is acronym for domain name system. DNS server is used to map a name to an address. The reverse mapping is also similar in DNS.

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What does DNS resolve?

DNS is used to resolve a fully qualified domain name (such as into an IP address (such as

What allow a dns client to resolve an fqdn to an ip address?


How do you resolve a domain name to ip?

DNS (Domain Name System) is a database system that resolve domain name into an IP address. You can query DNS database by using the command "nslookup"

What are authoritative dns server and none-authoritative dns server?

authoritative dns server is server that has own databases that has name resolution for the clients that for resolve from name to ip address and for ip address to name. non-authorititative dns server is server that forward request of dns client to authoritative dns server for resolve.

What protocol is used to resolve a fully qualified domain name to an IP address?


What is the dns ip address for Gmail?

DNS is the domain name system for short .DNS is a system that maps a name to an address . Ip address for is .

What is dns sever?

Without the DNS server you would have to know the IP address of every computer you are communicating with. DNS exists to resolve the names of computers to IP addresses. It also aids in locating services on a network.

What type of IP address should be assigned to a web server?

Typically a static IP address, that being one that does not change and is easy to resolve via DNS.

What is the difference or relation between DNS and HTTP?

DNS gives out IP address for domain names (among other things) so when you type Google (see related link) into the address bar your computer will resolve that to an IP address and then go to the IP address. HTTP is a protocol for delivering webpaeges.

What services resolve host names to IP addresses?


What is a dns address?

A DNS address is the address to a server that converts a URL to an IP address. Most DNS address' are provided by your ISP, although there are many free DNS servers available.

Purpose of using the nslookup utility?

It will resolve an IP address to a DNS name and vice versa. It can be very useful for finding out what is on a network.

What do dns servers use to help resolve IP addresses to dns names?

Forward lookup zones

How was the computer able to resolve the name RWDC01 into its IP address?

It consults a Domain Name Server (DNS) on the network, which looks up the Domain Name and returns its assigned IP. This DNS may be local on a LAN or out on the Internet on a WAN.

Why is dhcp rarely used to assign addresses for servers?

Often it is the server that is hosting the DHCP, so it can not assign its own address. But usually its just useful if the servers always have the same IP address. For example if a server is hosting a DNS server (as company servers often do), and all the workstations in the company are looking to that IP address for DNS info, the IP addrss can not change. If the IP address of the DNS server were to change then no computers on the network would be able to resolve domain names.

What is the difference between IP and DNS?

IP is a number, such as "". DNS is a name, like "", which links to the server instead of the IP address.

Which mechanisms could you use to resolve a host name into its associated IP address?

A DNS is used to convert Host Names into IPs and IPs into host names. (DNS = Domain Name Server).

What is used to resolve a hostname to an IP address?

DNS Server (Domain Name System) resolves Hostnames to IP Addresses in Internet.HOSTS file in Windows computers is responsible for resolution of hostnames to ip addresses.

What is a fully domain qualified name in a DNS record?

fully qualified domain name serving name is used to resolve ip address to name

What resolves a website URL to an IP address?

What resolves a website URL to an IP address? DNS Sever

How does the DNS resolve method work?

DNS Resolution is a means of directing persons to websites. DNS works similar to a phone book in assigning IP numbers to hosts. In doing so, we are able to connect to the internet through words rather than having to remember an IP address to visit websites.

What is dns protocol?

DNS protocol was created to convert human domain names into IP address (intenet operates on IP addreses).

What is a tcp ip service used to resolve host or domain names to addresses?


If you know an IP address then can you find out who and where they are?

You can try it, using "IP lookups" or "dns lookups".

What is used to relate a domain name to an IP address?