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How does a GMRS radio work?

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It's an FM two-way walkie talkie. The GMRS (General Mobile Radio Service) was created as a replacement for the old Citizen's Band radio system, and operates on a different frequency spectrum set aside specifically for that service.

The radios are generally limited to 2 watts of transmit power, and are FM to limit the maximum distance over average terrian of around 2 to 5 miles.

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Where can one purchase a Motorola GMRS radio?

One can purchase a Motorola GMRS radio from the following sources: Digital Two Way Radio, One Direct, Amazon, Best Buy, Radio Shack, Buy Two Way Radios, Rei.

Is radio shack Motorola FRS radio VOX capable?

Most of the Motorola FRS and GMRS radios are.

What is an fcc license for a 2 way radio?

the blue cheese associationIf you are purchasing a two way radio that operates using GMRS frequencies, and plan to use it withing the United States, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) requires that you register for a GMRS license.Why do I need an FCC license?In the United States, the FCC regulates the frequencies that are used by devices like two way radios. The FCC requires that anyone operating a device on the General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) obtain a license prior to use.How do I apply for a GMRS FCC license?A GMRS license requires that you complete FCC form 159 and form 605. These forms can be found on the FCC forms page.You can also apply for a GMRS license online at the FCC Universal License System (ULS) web site.Is there a charge for a GMRS license?Yes. The FCC currently charges a $75.00 fee for GMRS licenses. Some applications are exempt from this fee.Do I have to get a license before I can buy a two way radio?No. We do not require a license before we will ship a two way radio. We are in no way affiliated with the FCC, or the GMRS licensing process.Do you report to the FCC that I purchased a GMRS radio?No. We are in no way affiliated with the FCC, or the GMRS licensing process. As is stated in our privacy policy, we will never provide your information to any third party (outside of the immediate billing processes) unless we are ever required to do so by law or to be in compliance with a court order.Do I have to get a license if I live outside of the United States?You only need a FCC GMRS license if you are using the GMRS frequencies within the United States.

Where can one purchase a GMRS radio?

This is a type of two way radio communication. These units can be found at Radio Shack, Grainger Supply, Northern Tool and Equipment, and many other national retailers. These units are primarily for short distance transmission.

Can you use walky talky without license in your home town?

If you are using frs and not gmrs. No fcc lisc. Needed for frs, just gmrs.

How do I pick up the police on my midland lxt 480 two-way radio it has 36 channels?

The Midland LXT 480 radio operates in the 462-465 MHz GMRS/FRS band. The channels marked #8 to #14 operate on license-free frequencies with low power. All of the other channels require an FCC license, and there are severe penalties for using them to transmit without the proper license. Fire, police, ambulance, etc. don't operate in the GMRS/FRS frequency band. So you can't hear them with the LXT 480 unless you get into the guts of the radio and modify (rebuild) it.

How does the radio work?

how does the radio work because i can't cange it because i was it to be on 105.7

Why won't your radio in your Suzuki Swift work?

You have to turn on your car for the radio to work

Will your sirious radio work in the Philippines?

The radio will work fine, but there will be nothing to hear.

What is a radio program directors salary?

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How does a batteryless radio work?

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How do AM FM radio antennas work?

AM and FM radio antennas work by capturing electromagnetic radio waves in the air and feeding them into the radio. They are then broadcast in sound through the speakers.

How do optical radio telescopes operate?

As far as I know, there is no "optical radio telescope". There are, separately, optical telescopes (which work with visible light), and radio telescopes (which work with radio waves).

Do you have to have an antenna for a CB radio?

Only if you want the radio to work.

How do radio towers work in space?

There are no radio towers in space.

How do you start radio after disconnecting the battery?

If the radio has a security code you will have to insert the code for the radio to work.

Will the Phoenix Gold V8001 Car Amplifier work with any radio?

It is made to work with any car radio.

How do aerials work?

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Beats me

Do you need a third class radio license to work in radio?


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