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Xerox machines do not convert light energy into sound.


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If by "Xerox machine" you mean a copier or printer marketed by the Xerox Corporation, the only rays emitted are rays of light emitted by parts of some copiers.

A "Xerox machine" is any machine made or marketed by the Xerox Corporation. Xerox Corporation markets a wide variety of machines that perform different functions and operate on widely different principles. It is not possible to say that all of them use any one thing in common, except, perhaps, electricity. Many people incorrectly say "xerox machine" when they mean to say "copier." Copiers use light to illuminate the original, and light to paint the image on the photoreceptor drum. Light can be described as consisting of "rays."

No. The only radiation produced by some Xerox machines is light, and some electromagnetic radiation.

All plants convert light energy into chemical energy through photosynthesis.

Light energy from the Sun converts into thermal energy

"Xerox" is a registered trademark of the Xerox Corporation, so the phrase "Xerox machine" literlally means any machine that has been trade marked and sold by or for the Xerox Corporation. The word "photocopier" is a term meaning any device that uses light to make a copy, and usually means a machine that uses dry ink, plain paper, and provides its copies quickly after the subject it exposed. Since Xerox Corporation sells many machines that do not make copies, and many companies, other than Xerox Corporation, make and sell machines that make photocopies, the two terms can not be used interchangably.

Flashlights convert electric energy to light energy and heat energy.

PV cells convert light energy into electrical energy.

Chloroplast convert light energy. Mitochondria convert chemical energy itself

I don't believe that it is possible to convert light energy to nuclear energy. Both solar energy (source natural light) and nuclear energy are primary energy sources.

They convert light into chemical energy.

To convert electric energy into light energy

Light bulb and tubelight are able to convert electrical energy into light energy.

In the strictest sense, a Xerox machine is a machine that is manufactured or sold by the Xerox Corporation or one of its affiliates, such as Fuji Xerox. The word "Xerox" is a registered trade mark and in that sense can only be used in connection with products of the Xerox Corporation. In common usage, the term "Xerox machine" is used by many to mean any machine that makes a photocopy using the xerographic process that involves dry ink, electrostatic charges, a light-sensitive photoreceptor surface, and heat or pressure fusing of the dry ink to the paper. The photocopy manufacturing industry tries to minimize this use, however, for two reasons. Xerox Corporation wants to maintain control of its trade mark and prevent it going the way of the term "hoover" in the UK or "aspirin" in the US. Most of its competitors would prefer that their products not be associated in the public language with the name of a competing manufacturer.

Photo-voltaic cells convert light energy to electric energy

It converts light energy to chemical energy.

Chloroplasts convert light energy to food during photosynthesis in plants.

Washing machineElectrical energy = Thermal (heat) energy + Kinetic (movement) energy + light energy

Light IS energy; it is not a SOURCE of energy. You can convert one form of energy into another, if you need to.

They are energy transformers. They convert light energy to chemical energy

Photosynthesis is where autotrophic organisms convert light to chemical energy to get energy

photosynthesis converts the light energy from the sun into chemical energy for use by the cell.

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