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How does a bail bondsman make money?

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Charges for his service. Usually 10 percent of the bond. $500 bond, he gets $50. For this he takes the risk of you jumping bail and having to pay the bail out of his own pocket.

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Free bail bondsman?

There are none. Bail bondsman make their living by putting their own money at risk based only on the fact that you will actually show up in court. They then charge you a percentage of the bail money and that is how they make their living. If no one paid them there wouldn't be any profit in them doing the service. There ain't no free lunch!

How can you get a bail bondsman to work with you if you don't have all the money needed?

You can get a bail bondsman to work with you if you don't have all the money needed by offering up collateral. Collateral such as a home or car can be used to make up the difference of the bond in most cases.

What all do you have to do to become a bail bondsman?

In order to become a bail bondsman you need to receive your bail bondsman license and take certain exams and need to be approved by the insurance department to be a recognized bail bondsman.

How much money does a bail bondsman earn in a year?


Do you get bond money back?

No. When posting bail (bond) you pay a bondsman an amount negotiated usually 10% of the total bail amount. Example $50,000 bail, you pay the bondsman $5,000 then put up co-lateral worth $50,000 and the bondsman is the one to pay the State/Court the balance. If the person on bail forfeits (skips out) on the bail then the collateral becomes property of the bondsman. The original $5,000 is how the bondsman earns his living.

How does bail money work?

Bail money is used to make sure someone shows up to court. If they show up their money is given back. If someone uses a bail bondsman they charge a percentage for covering the bond and they don't get any of the money back.

Can a bail bondsman apprehend from ny to fl?

Yes, a bail bondsman can travel to other states to apprehend fugitives. The courts, in fact, expect a bail bondsman to do exactly that when necessary.

How does bail bonds work?

When a person is arrested for a crime, sometimes the judge lets the person put up bail money and not stay in jail until the trial. That money is called a bail bond. Many people do not have all the money themselves and use a bail bondsman. A judge may set the bail at $ 10,000. The person may not have that amount of money. A bail bondsman might offer to put up the bond if the person will give him $ 1,500. He might have part of it and may be able to borrow the rest of it from friends and relatives. It might be easier to get up 1,500 than 10,000. Then when he goes to trial, if he put up the money, he gets it back. If the bail bondsman puts up the money, the bondsman gets it back and he is out the 1,500. If he jumps bail and he put up the bail money, he will lose it when he gets caught. If the bail bondsman put it up, bail bondsmen have a team of people that look for those who jumped bail. They find you, kidnap you, and take you back to court. You do not get to fight extradition.

How do you bail yourself out of jail?

Contact a family member, friend, or bail bondsman who can front enough money to effect your release.

Do you still have to pay a bail bond that has been exonnerated?

Yes. When you use the services of a bail bondsman you are, in effect, "renting" his services to pay your bond. Whether you are exonerated or not, it is a legitimate debt and you still need to pay the the bail bondsman for the use of his money.

How to become a bail bondsman in Indiana if your not a resident of the state?

Only residents of Indiana can be legally licensed as a bail bondsman.

Can you be sued if you do not pay a bail bondsman?

Yes. The contract for services between you and your bail bondsman is an enforceable legal contract.

How old must you be to become a bails bondsman?

Bail bondsman are regulated by each state. In most states the minimum age to become a licensed bail bondsman is 18.

How can a bail bondsman get off the bond?

A bail bondsman can off a bond by demsonstrating to the court that the defendant has become a flight risk.

If you bail a person out of jail and they are innocent do you get your mony back?

No, BAIL money is not returned, if you use a BAIL BONDSMAN, If you post the FULL BAIL AMOUNT with the clerk of the jail or court they will refund your money and proceedings are over and the defendant is finally sentenced. Paying a bondsman is usually ten percent of the bail money that the court sets. This is their fee that they charge in the event that you do not have the full amount of bail that the court sets. Bail is used to insure that someone will show up to their court hearing. If they show up and are there throughout the trial, at the end, whether they are guilty or innocent, the bail money is returned.

What is the longest period of time that a bondsman can pursue you?

There is no time limit. By having a bail bondsman post your bail, you have placed your freedom in the hands on the bondsman. The bondsman has guaranteed you will appear before the court at the time and place specified. There are very few legal limits on how they can make that happen. You chose to have them guarantee your appearance.

Can a bail bondsman garnishee wages?


What is the purpose of bail bondsmen?

When a person has been arrested for a crime, a bail bondsman offers money to the court so that the defendant can remain free until their trial. A bail bondsman will often charge a percentage of the bail. Not all who have been arrested will require bail, as some are deemed too dangerous or too much of a flight risk.

How do you bail someone out of rikers island?

The first thing to do is contact a bail bondsman to find out the amount that is needed for bail. Once done, you must pay that amount to the bondsman and the bondsman will go to jail, pay the amount and that person will be released.

If a prisoner appears in court is some of the bond money returned?

That's a private business deal between you and your bail bondsman. If the judge releases you, without bond, you will owe only the amount the bail bondsman charged for his services.

Can a bail bondsman revoke a bond for no reason?

A bail bondsman can ask the court to revoke a bond, but the judge alone has the final say whether a bail bond may be revoked.

How does a bail bond work?

A person usually has the right to post bail so that they can be released from jail while awaiting trial. If they do not return for trial they are found guilty and the bail is forfeited to the court. If they return the bail is refunded to them and they can defend themselves to the court. However many times a person does not have enough money to pay the full amount of the bail. In this case they can contact a bail bondsman who will extend them a loan. The usual terms are that the person pays 10% of their bail and the bondsman pays the remaining 90% as a bail bond. The bail bond is a loan with the person returning to appear in court as the collateral for the loan (so that the court will refund the bail to the bondsman, paying off the loan). If the person fails to return then the bondsman has the legal right to pursue them and apprehend them so they can be brought back to the court and the bail refunded to the bondsman.

Is bail money returned when the accused gets dismissed?

it depends if you paid in full bail, or a percentage of the bail. If you go to court and your'e case is dismissed all your bond money will be returned if you paid in full. if you paid through a bondsman he will keep the percentage of the bail. Depending on what your bail is set at depends on what percentage the bondsman keeps. example you bond is $3000 you paid the jail that 3000. you would get that all back. but if you used a bondsman he would keep 300 of that 3000 which equals 10% Hope that helps

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The cast of The Bail Bondsman - 2005 includes: Chad Mathews as Sean Thomas

What happens when a bail bondsman gets off your bond?

That means he has pulled his coverage of your bail. If you don't come up with the bail money or a new bailbondsman you will be remanded to jail to await trial.