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A quick way would be to drop into a Plumbing supply store. They often have tubs on display with the overflow drain hooked up. You will be able to see where the overflow water goes down the drain. Des Perado

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Q: How does a bathtub overflow work?
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Where does a waste and overflow set go?

Its your bathtub drain.

What is the patent 5123123 for?

A bathtub overflow control device.

What is an overflow in a bathtub?

Typically right under the faucet in a bathtub is a round metal piece with holes. This is an overflow outlet. It connects to the bathtub drain. If water rises over that disk, it will go through the your tub does not fill completely and overflow the edge of the tub. The overflow prevents accidental flooding of the bathroom.

What is a porcelator?

A Porecelator is the American equivalent of an overflow outlet on a bathtub or sink.

The correct measurement of the water in the bathtub?

As long as it's below the overflow, it's 'correct' .

Will a PVC fast tap saddle work for adding a vent line to a bathtub drain after construction is done?

There is an overflow pipe on every tub. There is no further need to vent.

How do you spell overflow?

You spelled it correctly, but in case you need it again: Overflow In a sentence: I overflowed my bathtub. Hope this helps! :)

What does operating capacity for a bathtub mean?

It is the volume of water that the tub can hold until the water reaches the overflow hole.

How many cups can fill a standard bathtub?

672 cupsA standard bathtub holds 42 gallons when it is filled up to the overflow.16 cups = gallon672 cups = 42 gallons = one standard bathtub

What should be the hot water capacity required for a bathtub?

If you have a standard 5' tub by 32" and 13 1/4" deep to the overflow , then a 40 gallon water heater will work, but I always recommend a 50 gallon in most homes. Most standard tubs hold 46 to 60 gallons of water with a overflow.

How do you find the center mark for a bathtub?

Do you have the tub where you can measure it? If so, measure from the back of the tub to the center of the overflow, that will give you the measurement for the drain.

How old do you have to be to work at Overflow in Australia?


How does the overflow tank work?

if your water/antifreeze gets to hot it pushes out the over flow tube into the overflow container, as it cools down it will suck it out of the overflow and back into the radiator.

Does a slow drain in bathtub have anything to do with overflow to cause ceiling damage?

NO -- you will have to open up wall behind tub to see where it is leaking from.

Can you use a lavatory drain designed for sinks with overflow holes if your sink does not have overflow holes?

Yes, they work in either.

Does the hamster taming bathtub technique work?


Does a cover plate over the overflow pipe opening sealed with caulking in a typical bathtub defeat the purpose of the overflow pipe?

The cover plate should have a gap on the bottom edge to let water in. If this is filled in with caulk, then Yes, it is useless and should be opened up.

Does a bathtub need a vent?

The vent is behind the overflow cap where you close the drain. --Without a vent, the water would drain very slow.

Do you need use copper bathtub drain and overflow in rental apartment building?

No I would never use copper or brass in any home for a waste and overflow on a tub. I would use all glue together waste and over flows because they last and are strong .

What is the purpose for a bathtub overflow drain?

To make sure the bathtub does not overflow. There is a long discussion of this for another question and I do not intend to repeat that here. A properly installed unit will drain some water from an overfilled tub down through the waste water drain. This is done under gravity and is not guaranteed to keep up with the pressurized water supply that fills the tub. This contradicts the assumption that it prevents overflow. Any four-year-old can demonstrate this empirically, fifteen years before learning about proof by contradiction in an undergraduate mathematics class.

What is the expected life of a bathtub overflow seal?

Forever or until disturbed whichever comes 1st. Probably 25 years or more, but some will dry rot and fall off sooner.

Why does the overflow reservoir overflow?

because the entire point of the overflow resovoir is to overflow, and release uneeded water

Which two Latin words mean overflow?

There are a number of (single) words available, inrigo as in to overflow or irrigate, abundo as in to be abundant and overflow, superfundo as in to flood or overflow, restagno as in to be swamped or overflow, exundo as in to flow out or overflow, adfluentia as in to overflow with abundance

Can you get herpes from a bathtub?

You will not get herpes from a bathtub.

Did William Taft drown in his bathtub?

no haha he did not drown in his bathtub, but he had to get a special sized bathtub